Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dear Diary

Throughout my life, since I was 8, I've kept a journal on and off. I wish I was more diligent about writing because I think it's important to pass stories and history on through the family. I would love to read any journals from my late grandma. Every time I'm with my maternal grandma or my paternal grandpa I always ask them about their childhood, what their holidays were like, how my parents were as children, etc. I wanted to keep a journal throughout my pregnancy, but I think I only wrote in mine twice, maybe three times max. I do have all my Bumpdates, but those didn't include any personal feelings, hopes, or wishes I had for Eleanor.

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A few weeks after Ellie was born I went out and bought a journal, I wanted to write directly to her. She will only be a baby and child for such a short amount of time I want to cherish every moment I can. I want to be able to remember these moments and tell her about them later, all of our struggles, laughs, little moments we share. Plus, keeping a journal where I write directly to her is so much easier than just keeping a journal in general with no specific audience. Every few days I write directly to her about milestones she's made, how I want our relationship to grow as she ages, little fun facts about her, etc. I hope to keep a journal like this throughout her life and continue with each child. I'm not sure if I'll tell her about the journal or surprise her later with it, maybe when she gets married or becomes a mother herself. I thought of this project as something our family will always cherish.

Do you keep a journal? Do you have any secrets about being consistent in writing in it?

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