Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eleanor's Baby Blessing

This past Sunday our family celebrated Eleanor's Baby Blessing at church. All of our families were there to witness such a joyful moment with us. My father and grandfather flew in from Utah last Thursday for the event- we've been planning this day for months! It's so exciting to have them here and my grandfather performed the blessing for her. It was such a special and beautiful blessing, several members of the congregation came up to our family afterwards to comment about how wonderful it was, that it was unlike any other blessing they had heard, and how touching it was. It meant the world to me to have my own grandfather bless Ellie. He has been such a monumental influence in my life, Sunday will always mean so much to me.  Here are some of the pictures from our day.

 photo IMG_1159_zpsef67ee50.jpg
Our little family
 photo IMG_1134_zpsf9f0e075.jpg Here we are with Matt's parents 

 photo IMG_1154_zps3f6c2203.jpg
With my parents 

 photo IMG_1142_zpse179b7fb.jpg
Four generations of women: Ellie, myself, her grandmothers, and my grandmother (her great grandma!) 

 photo IMG_1137_zps3f27778c.jpg
Four generations: Ellie, Matthew, her grandfathers, and my grandfather (her great grandpa!) 

Here's some pictures my sister and I took of her:
 photo IMG_1168_zpsc686eee9.jpg photo IMG_1171_zps360e52a3.jpg photo IMG_1190_zps2c11c6e0.jpg photo IMG_1199_zps2e7092cc.jpg photo IMG_1240_zps0c8a9cd1.jpg

My top and skirt (from this recent purchase post) is from Forever 21- both are no longer available, my necklace is from Very Jane.

Ellie's dress is Sweet Pea's (from our church store), her headband is from Babies R Us and I added the three pearls in the center myself.
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