Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap and Recent Purchases

This past week has been so busy! We celebrated my hubs birthday on Thursday, we took it easy and just had his parents over for dinner and visiting. My birthday is this week so we'll do something after my baby shower this weekend. We also had our second Lamaze class (which is 3 hours every Friday!) and got into some great massage and relaxation techniques. Who know a tube sock with three tennis balls would be such a glorious wonder on your back?

We worked on projects around our house, we hung up a few things in our nursery and just have a few more things to hang before it's "complete". I bought some large frames to hang on the wall and didn't realize that the back didn't have the hanging hooks, they were for stand up only! Such a bummer, I'll be back to Home Goods this week to get that taken care of- I didn't even think to check the back!

 photo igb062205ab01f11e2957d22000a1fa40f_7_zps3be4b2d8.jpg photo 1B23647C-381B-4AA8-AF2E-14AADA9AC8A9-9334-0000043399924680_zpsca114ca5.jpg photo 6B42393C-710B-465C-90B7-4F7707340F0D-9334-00000433A1B0A1E2_zps7978c1ee.jpg photo 5CBF6EB9-476C-49EC-9886-EB5280C12422-9334-00000433B5DD1E77_zps28cfbe86.jpg

On Sunday we supported the Our Nicholas Foundation's Autism walk for my nephew. The walk was gorgeous  and circled around a vineyard, so the view was beautiful! 75% of the funds our team raised goes directly to my nephew for therapies and medical testing. Our Nicholas Foundation is such an amazing project to be a part of and has helped their family so much with providing play dates, family nights out, and an opportunity for Logan to play sports. If you would like to donate, our team is still accepting donations here.

I've also caved and bought a few items for  my post-bump body. I bought everything in my usual pre-pregnancy size (medium) since until 2 weeks ago those sizes still fit me so I'm assuming that they'll fit me right away after she's born. I've just been dying with all of the cute summer stuff that's out and not being able to wear them. What made me bite the bullet is that I felt a few of these pieces would be sold out quickly and I wanted to be sure and snag them, they should be delivered today!

 photo 7C022724-5FFF-4E4D-9D0E-E7F718ABAF8A-9290-0000042CC350909C_zpse297f6de.jpg photo B8AB7F75-E6D5-45F3-B486-95C05476E4D0-9290-0000042CC8AFA7CB_zps8b6d6c96.jpg
Lace Knit Top
I loved how simple this top is and the feminine touch the lace adds. 
 photo 514A471E-47EA-4C74-B78A-2911B4F8986B-9290-0000042CCF43E518_zpsbec78b37.jpg
Essential Woven Pencil Skirt
I am in dire need of some skirts for church/work. This color is gorgeous and will go with so many items in my closet. 
 photo F23546A4-83EA-4D17-A653-703DD91366FC-9290-0000042CDEAC727D_zps8509da55.jpg
  You can never go wrong with a basic tee.

 photo 548FC256-C062-41B1-AF3B-25311C5FB700-9290-0000042CE5341D86_zps97590cde.jpg
Retro Floral Peplum Top
After seeing this top on the gorgeous Shasta, I had to have it. It's the perfect date night top. Do you read her blog? This beezy has STYLE, plus she's just the cutest mom.

 photo E6B3CDB6-F28D-4C6A-894E-02057E3CA881-9290-0000042CBB98CBC7_zps079c5cf5.jpg
Essential Pencil Skirt
I just saw the mint color and added to cart immediately.
 photo 5D511212-1A3E-49DE-87F9-CA5FEE06BD7E-9290-0000042CEAF47F8A_zps498cba8e.jpg
Essential Striped Dress w/ Belt
I don't remember who (I'm so sorry!), but some gorgeous lady bought this dress and I totally copied her.

I really hope all these items are as cute in person as they are online. Nothing is worse than getting a package in the mail and it's nothing like you expected. Such a downer.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 

We have our 34 week appointment this afternoon and I have a million questions for the doctor, thank you again to all your comments/emails in my Bumpdates. I'll be sure to update you guys on the status of our little girl in this week's Bumpdate. Cross your fingers!

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