Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Flowers, butterflies, and fairytales- that's what girls are made of!

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It all started with the sweetest shower invite and I knew my family had a great party in mind. I had been looking forward to my shower forever and it made the joy and excitement of becoming a parent all the more real. It was fantastic sharing the day with so many friends and family. It meant so much to me to share something so special with so many loved ones. This shower was for my side of the family and I have my in-laws shower in May that I can't wait for. Our families and friends are just too large to have one big party so we decided to split it up.

Instead of a diaper raffle, my sister put a little note in each invite that read "To add a lil' extra glee and help the parents to be, please bring a little extra from the heart- a children's book to give baby E's library a good start!" By the time everyone arrived, this table was overflowing with so many fun books! I can't wait to read them all to her and already started this week.
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We served peach tea, pineapple lemonade (using this Pinterest recipe), and water. For food we served some of my favorite lunch foods; crescent sandwiches, veggies, broccoli salad, fruit salad, shrimp salad, and a cheese plate. Then we had a beautiful and delicious dessert table.
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The decorations were all so pretty, feminine, and whimsical. I wish I could show all of them, but we had her name a few places and I don't want to give it away yet! As you can tell, her name starts with an "E", but that's all you're getting!
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We played 4 games, plus the book raffle:

- We played party bingo: On a bingo grid, you put details of the guests and they have to find someone who fits the description and each guest can sign a card twice, but you can't sign your own. Examples: Left-handed, born in June (our due date), is a Chi Omega (my sorority and my daughter will be a legacy). This game is so fun as an ice breaker because it makes your guests mingle!

- Baby Names A-Z: Each guest had to write down names for each letter of the alphabet, and there were some funny ones people had to make up!

- Candy Bar Games: We had a list of baby events and guests had to match them with the right candy bar. Example: 9 lb baby = Whopper, Epidural = Life Saver, Hospital Bill= 100 Grand.

-Name that Bunny!: The nursery has a bit of a bunny theme to it so on a giant science board we printed out 18 famous bunnies and the guest who guessed the most right won! We had Roger Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, the Velveteen Rabbit, and even the Killer Rabbit from The Search for the Holy Grail. It was hilarious!

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We were busy playing so many games and opening gifts, we didn't have time to take a lot of group/individual pics til the very end.  Here's a few of my friends and family.
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It was such an amazing, amazing day! I had a great time and loved seeing everyone. My sweet cousin Merry took so many pictures, she was the photographer of the day. Thank you so much for that! I wish there was time to take pictures of myself with each guest, but the day goes by so quickly! I relished every moment and still felt like it was gone in a flash. Thank you to everyone who helped and celebrated baby E!
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