Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Product Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

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I bought Peach Kiss on a whim a while ago and really liked the soft color hint of shimmer it has. It’s an easy chapstick to wear that gives you some color without having to worry about the color transferring or fading. On a recent Target trip I picked up a limited edition color- Melon Mania for a Baby Lips with some color. I thought the fun pinkish red tint would be great for summer. They are so affordable and are so easy to wear.

- Inexpensive ($2.99)
- Sheer color (you can build a little color with application)
- Moisturizing
- SPF 20
- Fun packaging
- 6 permanent shades with limited edition shades
- They are scented based on their shade, but it’s not a strong scent
- Gives a light gloss
- Widely available

- Doesn’t last long
- Wears off easily
- Good as an everyday chapstick, I don’t recommend this for really chapped lips
- Has a slick feeling, but is not greasy or thick

 photo 43F94CAA-002A-43FD-B6BA-88636CC1B3B2-3740-000001A4471823D1_zps790c8720.jpg

Overall, I like these products, but they're not a Holy Grail, run out and buy right now (like the elf cream liner), must own every color, lip stuff. I'm lazy about reapplying lipstick so I like that these add some color and fade/wear off without leaving behind a stain so they're easy to wear. Just like in the cons section, if you have chapped lips already, these will not heal them. They're moisturizing for already moisturized lips and won't dry them out. If you were hoping for a healing chapstick with a boost of color I'd suggest a Burt's Bees or Neutrogena chapstick instead. 

What are your favorite tinted lip balms? What colors do you like best?
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