Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bumpdate Week 33

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I had my 32 week appointment on Friday and our little girl is still Frank Breech! The above picture shows you the position she's in. I need to get her to turn her booty around or a C-section is in my future. With my last appointment, we found that she's in this position, but I wasn't too worried about it- I thought she would turn and we'd call it a day. Now that she's still in this position, I'm beginning to slightly freak out.

I'm not afraid of having a C-section, I trust my doctor fully and want what's best for our baby to be born healthy, but I'd rather have a vaginal birth than C-section. I also wrote that last sentence before I Googled C-sections and now I'm kind of nervous to have one. There's definitely pros and cons to both ways of delivery, but overall and most importantly I want to deliver a healthy baby.

On my Facebook page I asked mommies if they had any tips in getting their little ones to turn and was told about acupuncture (which my big sis said too), stretches, using tones in the direction we want the baby to move, and using a cold pack where the baby's head is so they turn away from it. I've been doing exercises everyday to help her turn and I've been praying about it. One night we were able to get her to turn horizontally using all of the above techniques, but she wouldn't turn any further and turned back breech about 20 minutes later. I can tell when she's in the breech position because of where her head is and the shape of my belly and when she turned it completely changed, but now she's definitely back in the Frank Breech positioning again.

I'm open to all suggestions so please comment below! Also, have you had a C-section? What was your experience?

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Matt and I had a Baby Basics class on Tuesday. The class was really useful, we learned signs of illness, what to expect in the dirty diapers (with photos- yay), how to swaddle, bath, and take a temperature. 

We start our Lamaze class tomorrow for the next month and I'm really looking forward to the class- although if I have a C-section these classes are unnecessary and my Dr advised I won't need to take them.

How far along?  32 weeks (Each bumpdate reviews the week previous)

Total weight gain: 15.6lbs! I knew my guess last week was right! I've finally start to gain some weight and my Dr is so happy, although he did mention it's STILL not enough, and we went over my diet again (which he said is fine and healthy).

Stretch marks?: Besides Stretch Mark Gate (read about it here  in Week 28) I haven't had any more pop up and the few I have on the underside of my chest have not grown or gotten worse.  I've started using Body Spa Cell.U.Lift Firming Body Lotion every morning after my shower and starting using the  Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter each night before bed (when I remember). The Body Spa Cell.U.Lift is amazing, it makes your skin all tingly and I love the minty scent. I've started putting it on some marks I have on my hips from a childhood growth spurt- I'll definitely do a review. 

Maternity clothes: Same as the last few weeks, wearing my regular clothes, but each week my closet is growing smaller and smaller. I just don't want to buy any tops that I'll be wearing for less than 2 months. So yes, you'll see any pictures of me in the same outfits on repeat.

I'm still wearing my Old Navy Maternity Smooth-Panel Rockstar Jeggings  (I bought two pairs) and my Kiki La'Rue Jeggings (which aren't maternity, but fit below my belly).  I love these pants, they're all I wear at this point in the game.

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This week I made some pearl bracelets for the baby. I couldn't find infant size anywhere and wanted one to bring her home in. I also made a larger one for my niece so we can start the matching outfits early!

Belly Button in or out?: Half and half right now, the top has been out for a while but I had a huge growth spurt Thursday night and my belly button is halfway out now. It looks so weird! I don’t think it will be out that far, but you never know.

Sleep: I'm waking up only once a night and there have been two nights I was able to sleep right through without waking. I'm still hot close to morning and my hips have some pain. On Monday I was just uncomfortable overall and felt like everything hurt when I awoke. I picked up some Tylenol but haven't had to use it yet.

Best moment this week: Seeing baby in the sonogram at our appointment and starting the baby classes! I can't wait to hold her. Her arrival is getting so close!!

Worst moment this week: The moment I decided it would be a good idea to Google C-sections. 

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The lace bloomers I ordered on Groopdealz forever ago finally came in! I can't wait to put her little rump in them, they're so frilly! 

Have you told family and friends: Yes!

Miss Anything? Sleeping comfortably.  

Movement: Tons! Her movements are so large and she moves so often I don't need to count her kicks (thankfully). Hopefully, she shimmy's her way to face head down. 

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I bought this cute makeup bag for the diaper bag from Groopdealz (buy here). I ordered option 4 with her initial. It doesn't match the diaper bag whatsoever, but I loved the print. I thought it would be good to keep liquids contained in a chic way.

Food cravings: Pineapple juice, milk, popcorn with Tapatio, and strawberries. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.

Have you started to show yet: Absolutely!

Gender: Team pink!

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I also ordered two headbands from this Groopdealz (order here

Symptoms:Tiredness, minor hip pain, and dry skin.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, happy, happy!

Looking forward to: Seeing our maternity photos, my second baby shower, and hanging decoration in the nursery. 
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