Monday, April 8, 2013

My Favorite Home Items

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Since moving into our new apartment we've finally been able to use our weddings gifts and have picked up a few things to make it our own. Some of this stuff I can't imagine going without and I wanted to share it with everyone. Now let's not kid ourselves, I'm no great host or Martha Stewart, but these are items I use all the time and have found to make life easier with some style mixed in. 

Everyday White Tray 
I have two of these trays and then a giant one from Macy's that I couldn't find online. These trays are simple and elegant and are easy to use on a daily basis. I use them to serve dessert, hold the toppings for burgers, and they're perfect for a veggie play. Every host needs a good serving platter.  

2.5-Quart Pitcher On Ice 
This pitcher is plastic and has a great lid, which is hard to find in pitchers surprisingly. I have some really pretty glass ones, but they're so heavy when you actually use them. Plus, I'm always so afraid of breaking them. This one also has a nice plastic center you can freeze when using the pitcher outside. I love making Tazo Passion Tea + Lemonade in this pitcher.  

Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Maker, 12 Cup Programmable with Hot Water System 
So I don't drink coffee, or even caffeine, but I do like warm tea, hot chocolate, and cider. I like to call this His and Hers, it serves both Matt and I every weekend morning. He says it's a great coffee machine too, so that's cool. 

Tabletops Gallery Square Serving Baskets 
I keep the larger one on our dining table for candy, I'm still looking for a filler, but can't find one I like. Sorry Marshalls, I know I've returned and shopped your store a million times for this simple item. Then I have the smaller one on our bookshelf and they both look really pretty. I always get compliments on them from our guests.  

Martha Stewart Collection Cupcake Carrier

Best invention ever for cupcake carrying. First, there's two racks that can be used together or alone, but the action doesn't stop there people, the white plastic trays on the inside can be flipped around to be used for cookies or cakes. Genius! 

Anolon Advanced Cookware, 11 Piece Set Hard Anodized Nonstick
Cooking with legit cookware instead of family hand me downs from the 90s is awesome. These pots/pans heat up so quickly and are easy to clean. I love them.

Martha Stewart Collection Mixing Bowls, Set of 6 Melamine

These bowls are my favorite, the colors and sizes are great. Plus, they store easily inside of each other. I use them for fruit, mixing, popcorn, food serving, etc. This is the best mixing bowls and are dishwasher safe, which I've learned is important to check for when buying kitchen items. 


Martha Stewart Collection 7" Del Norte Salt and Pepper Mill

You can really use any salt and pepper shakers, but Matt and I love fresh pepper and these are pretty. Oh, and you can totally find them at Marshalls or Home Goods for half the cost. Awesome right? 


Threshold™ Square Rim 16 Piece Dinnerware Set 

Can I please tell you how many square plates we looked at before I found these at Target? My poor husband, we went all over to find the perfect set. We bought a few, registered for a few, and then returned all of them. To be honest, I think he was more picky than I was about them. Plus, some plates are freaking heavy and I didn't want any of that. These ones have dimension and grated lines on the plates which add a little flair. It's really what sold me the most on them.  


Royal Velvet Egyptian Cotton Solid Bath Towels 

Good towels are something to invest in, these are soft, plush, and soak up so much water. My hair is damp after only a few minutes wrapped in these things. They're very cozy and I truly adore them.  


Real Simple Slimline Hangers with Built-in Hooks 

These hangers really do save room in your closet! Plus, they help pull your closet together and give it a streamlined look.  


Martha Stewart Collection Square Stainless Steel Spice Rack, 20-Piece Set

This really just makes me feel fancy. Plus, it has all those weird spices cookbooks have that no one actually keeps on hand.

What are some of your favorite home items? 


On a sidenote, a few of you have let me know about a malware warning that comes up, I think it's only from viewing from certain browsers. I've done a mega cleaning on my computer and from what I understand the issue should be resolved. Let me know!

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