Friday, April 12, 2013

Hot Man Parade

 photo tom-hardy-435-2_zpse0d254ce.jpg photo tom-cruise-3-435_zpsba3c9baf.jpg photo taye-diggs-435_zps0ca5fe41.jpg photo shemar-moore-435_zps6fbb53c3.jpg photo ryan-reynolds-435-11_zps5181ad6f.jpg photo ryan-gosling-4s35_zps5791cb02.jpg photo liev-schreiber-435-5_zps39dcaa94.jpg photo leonardo-dicaprio-435-6_zps68e03ed9.jpg photo james-franco-1-435_zps44109c4f.jpg photo ian-somerhalder-435-3_zps96e11682.jpg

How come when I dream about episodes from Criminal Minds they're all nightmares and don't include a shirtless Shemar Moore? To my Subconscious, we need to work on this.
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