Wednesday, April 24, 2013

InstaLately Link Up 20

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Best.Mail.Day.Ever. I LOVE Image Skincare products (see my reviews here) and am so happy to try their Body Spa Cell.U.Lift Firming Body Lotion and Prevention+ Daily Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30. Image Skincare has the most amazing products and I can't wait to review these two for you guys!

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I posted this for Throwback Thursday #tbt of some of my best girlfriends on a Vegas trip a few years back. Oh how I miss my blond hair and extensions!

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The hubs loves SPAM, but I just can't get on bored. I just don't trust canned meats and he made me try it- my verdict: it's ok. I would never want it again or buy it, but he picked some more up when he went to the grocery store -__-

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The hubs and I go to the stores the day after every holiday to pick up our favorite sweets, this is the last of our Reese's PB Eggs and they were delicious. The holiday shapes have such a better taste than regular cups, they have a better PB to chocolate ratio I think.

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I saw this beauty blender at Target and had to share. So many beauty gurus swear by these sponges and you can find it for a great price now! I didn't buy it myself because I use a brush for my foundation. Have you try this sponge before?

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My sister found the perfect pink from Sally Hansen! It's Sweet Talker and for the life of me I haven't be able to find it anywhere. I'll just use hers until I see her next, he he he. This is three coats- the first coat is pretty sheer, but it builds to a pretty shade.

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My new F21 top from this post, my lollysheep chain necklace, and day 2 hair/curls. 

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I saw this quote on Pinterest, and it's exactly how I've been feeling about the changes about to happen in our lives.

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