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Product Review: Ormedic Skincare Products

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Many of you already know that since becoming pregnant, I've been looking for more organic products to use. I've started to really notice the amount of chemicals you use just in getting ready. It's crazy! Although, I'll never give up aerosol hairspray- I just can't do it. When the opportunity came up to review Image Skincare's organic line Ormedic, I couldn't pass it up. Especially after I read their site and what they're all about!

Here's some info, straight from their site:

"The Ormedic Product line combines the latest techniques in medical skincare with fresh, natural ingredients to create balanced, healthy skin. These organic skincare products repair and rebalance skin for a stunning, moisturized look and feel. Moreover, Ormedic products are effective for all skin types. Ormedic organic skincare products contain soothing botanicals that create the perfect accompaniment to unbalanced, sensitive and post-treatment skin."

Um, I'm sold. Especially about the products being for all skin types. I have sensitive skin that dries out easily, and prone to eczema and the pregnancy has made it more so (pretty much every belly butter gave me a horrid rash). I've used all of the below products for a few weeks and none of them have irritated my skin or caused my exczema to flare up. My skin seems to be glowing more than ever even (and not just because of the pregnancy, all I've got from that is more sensitive skin and pimples). I truly LOVE these products, they're amazing!

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This cleanser smells delicious and clean, but is still pretty subtle, I really love the scent. It removes all of my makeup (including eye makeup) and leaves behind no residue.I use either my fingers or my Olay Pro-X to apply the cleanser, it foams nicely (not too much or too little). You also get a lot of bang for your buck with this product because it's 3 in 1 – cleanser, exfoliator, and toner. I've noticed my skin is a lot more even and I don't need as much coverage from my makeup. I've also stopped user my toner, I just don't have the need to after using this cleanser in the shower. This product would be perfect for all skin types, but especially those with sensitive, treated, or irritated skin.

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Ormedic Balancing Soothing Gel Masque

This masque is very gentle, made from organic aloe vera and echinacea to name a few of the great ingredients. I'm always very careful about masques, what I use and how often because again, I have dry skin, my cheeks are ridiculously rosy, and I'm prone to exczema. This masque hasn't dried out or bothered my skin one bit. I use it 2-3 times a week, you just put it all over your face and neck wait 1-5 (the bottle says 5-30) minutes, and rinse with cool water.

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Ormedic Balancing Anti Oxidant Serum

I had to save this for last because this stuff is legend....wait for it....dary! I'm not kidding people, this serum is life changing. Head straight to their site, sign up, and order it asap. I use it all over my face, especially under my eyes. You know my fave under eye concealer? I'm not even using it anymore!! No joke. With the pregnancy, my sleep has been chaotic, I wake up every night a few times, I'm up for about an hour, so I should have dark bags, but with the help of this gem, it doesn't even show! It has Japanese green tea and aloe vera and soaks into your skin easily without any residue. It's also for all skin types, restores moisture, and nourishes environmentally damaged skin.

I seriously can't rave enough about these products, I don't think I'll ever use anything else. Consider me a convert. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to review these, because they're simply amazing. I like the packaging too, simple, clear, and streamlined.

Image Skincare's vision is something I really love; everything is made in the USA, is available in 27 countries, paraben free, and the fragrance (they all smell great!) are 100% from essential oils and not some random chemicals you can't pronounce. Also, for your fur lovers, the products aren't tested on animals!

If you're interested in trying these out, and I highly recommend that you do, call 1-800-796-SKIN to find a location near you that carries the line. Although I only tried these three products, Oremedic has a variety of other products in the line and Image Skincare has other lines as well for your skincare needs. If you have any questions about the products I tried, feel free to comment below or send me an email!  

FTC disclaimer: Image Skincare provided the products for an honest review, I was not compensated for this post and the opinions above are completely of my own, based on my own experience.

So, which is more important to you to have done and why?

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Also, I'm doing another Q and A so be sure to check out this post and comment with any questions you have for me! The post will be up next week!
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