Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby Registry Items

A few weeks ago, my Mother-in-law and I finished my baby registry at Babies R Us and it was so much fun! When my husband and I did our wedding registry I hated it. I would poop out after 45 minutes, find a chair to relax in, and would tell him to scan whatever the heck he wanted. We just needed so much and I didn’t know where we’d be living, what we would really need, etc. I was expecting for the baby registry to be the same way since I’ve never had a baby before and there is so much preference involved. What one baby/mother prefer the next one hates. I trudged on though, and we had a great time going through the aisles and reading reviews on the Babies R Us scanner (which was super helpful).
I had started my registry online, there were a few items I knew I wanted and then I reviewed some of my friends/family registries, reviewed blog posts I had saved, and searched Pinterest for must-have items as well. Here’s are some of the bigger/most needed items I registered for:

 photo RegistryBlend1_zps89fa3bf1.jpg

Now, what I want to know what is your take on the baby registry? What is a must have, what can I skip? What did you wish you registered for but didn’t and had to buy it down the road. Please spill! 
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