Friday, February 15, 2013

Hot Man Parade

 photo 1359992098_ian-somerhalder-640_zps944e1c40.jpg photo 1360188994_bradley-cooper-lg_zps6a3eedd4.jpg photo 1359989719_kellan-lutz-640_zps59fa20cb.jpg photo 1359989395_jay-z-justin-timberlake-640_zps05ea9b83.jpg photo 1360198411_terrell-owens-560_zpsa98a5564.jpg photo zac-efron-1-435_zps750aa67a.jpg photo will-arnett-435-1_zps79303c57.jpg photo ben-affleck-435-2_zpse42e75c3.jpg photo david-beckham-435-19_zpsbeef0934.jpg photo adam-levine-435-2_zps086a7066.jpg

So, which is more important to you to have done and why?

 photo be4231af24ddfa98ebe0bcae70c2b3a3_zps13028092.jpg
Also, I'm doing another Q and A so be sure to check out this post and comment with any questions you have for me! The post will be up next week!
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