Monday, February 11, 2013

Pick One And Tell Me Why

Which is more important to you: hair or makeup? 

 photo hairvsmakeup_zps93e91774.jpg

I think about this a lot and to every girl, one is more important than the other. If you had to choose to only have one thing done before you left the house for the day, which would you choose and why?

Now, think about this. The question is meant like this; if you choose makeup, you'd be fully done with with blush, gloss, lashes, etc., but your hair would be like the VS models above- barely brushed and pulled back. Now if you choose hair, you get full on hair with curls and volume, but absolutely no makeup. Again, like the girls above on the au natural side.

For me, it's hair 100%. I have clear skin (well, when I'm not pregnant anyways), rosy cheeks/lips, so I'm ok with going out without makeup. Do I look gorgeous? No. Not by any means, but I look decent. However, my hair is one limp cookie. I need to have my hair done to feel pretty. Plus, I figure if my hair looks fabulous people will forgive me for going au natural.  AND I'll probably look pretty from afar.

So, which is more important to you to have done and why?

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