Monday, April 1, 2013

My Evolution of Style + Must-Reads

This question is so incredibly difficult. My style has changed so much in just the last two years, but compared to my college damn. When I first got the topic, I emailed Ella that the best I could describe my style before was college skank to mommy-to-be. I don't have that many pictures thankfully that are online or digital, but just picture boobs and legs for days. Oh, and not just at the club when it's night time. I'm talking like on a Tuesday at 10am for class. Tons of makeup, huge teased hair, and too much eyeshadow. Did I mention an obsession with hair extensions?? Thank heavens for double sided tape too for some of these get-ups. I wish these pictures were part of an April Fool's joke!

Ok, so I lied about the digital pictures. I somehow remembered my freaking MySpace password and got some good ones to show you. Hi-larious. Because I'm such a good friend, I cropped out my girlfriends. I thought twice about it though, those beezies were just as bad as me! I did show more of everything though...

Here are some of my dresses:
 photo lh_zpsb0a94abf.jpg photo lb_zpseb569834.jpg
 photo sl_zps192e6aab.jpg photo wl_zps09811815.jpg
See that orange dress? I had it made. For inspiration, I had a picture of freaking Paris Hilton! Sheesh.

 Here's what I wore for the fraternity parties:
 photo gl_zpsd4835d91.jpg photo 72_504952159812_457_n_zps16675e9a.jpg photo 66_505246110732_4352_n_zpsb13619eb.jpg

Proof I didn't dress like this every day:
 photo el_zps4129acc0.jpg

How did my mom let me leave the house? I'm so, so, so happy and thankful I turned my closet around. I feel bad for anyone who picked up my old clothes from Goodwill, I definitely didn't do anyone a favor.

I'm so happy I've grown up in my fashion choices, I look back and just laugh at what I thought was sexy and attractive. Oy vey. I was always trying to push the envelope, stand out, and wear something edgier than the next girl. 

For my style now, I'm as modest as a nun in comparison to these pictures! And thank goodness for that. I rarely show any cleavage, I can't even think of a low cut top I have. My dresses and shorts are still kind of short (age appropriate short), but not short/tight like a pair off Jersey Shore.  I choose to really focus on only one body part to show off instead of showing everything off.

My closet is still full of color though, that hasn't changed. I've always worn bright colors and I'm happy that's still the case. I wear lots of yellow, orange, aqua, mint, lavender, pink, and coral. Layering clothes and my jewelry staples haven't changed either. Studs and watch are still my everyday jewelry pieces and I think they always will be.

Being sexy is more than showing off skin, it's about confidence, knowing how to dress for your shape, and that less doesn't mean better in terms of clothing. Some of my favorite fashion icons is Blake Lively, Emma Stone, Kate Middleton, Selena Gomez (she always dresses for her age, I love her style! I don't care that she's nearly a decade younger than me),

How have you grown in your style? How did you dress in college compared to now? 

Question of the month from Alison & Noelle: How would you describe your own personal style? How has it evolved over the years?

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