Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Product Review: Playboy Glitz Self-Tanner Spray

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Playboy Glitz Sunless Self Tanning

This is hands-down the BEST self-tanner I've ever used in my entire life. I would even consider it a life changing product, that's how good it is! It sprays evenly without stopping at every angle, making it super easy to spray yourself. Another awesome feature is that the tanner has a bronzer in it so you can see results right away and see where you sprayed yourself making it easier to get an even tan, the tan will darken in 3-5 hours from initial application. The bottle has instructions on when to shower and rinse off your tan depending on how deep you'd like your tan to be. The results are equal to a professional spray tan, but you get it at the convenience of your own home and can touch up whenever you'd like instead of heading into a salon. After I was dry (I dried within 10 minutes), I went to bed and NONE of my tan came off onto my sheets or pillow cases which has never happened to me with a spray tan before.

The smell is pretty strong with a fruity effect so you want to be sure to spray down in a well ventilated area. I had my husband spray me in the shower with the vent on and then I immediately washed down our walls and tub once I was dry. It's best to spray yourself in a horizontal manner, side to side, and then my husband and I used our hands to blend in the spots that had too much or became runny because he sprayed too close. My hairdresser who told me about the product said to rinse off my feet right after spraying, but instead I used lotion to cover my feet. Mistake. I should have listened to her, she always leads me in the right direction. My feet were pretty bronzed, but came off with a wash rag so it wasn't a big deal.

The bottle gave me some gorgeous color and I wasn't orange at all! It gave me a really nice bronzed brown color that was noticeable right away, like I had spent the weekend in the sun. Here are some pictures from my Bumpdates that show the difference:

 photo D687A9C1-8313-49F8-BB73-F56BF43003A1-1481-000000A03FCB97A9_zpsa4ea59ce.jpg photo ca3e1dc7-5f13-4c5b-a384-647870577b76_zps25c6b746.jpg
The left is a few weeks ago, absolutely not tan whatsoever and on the right is at my baby shower two days after using the spray. You can really see the different in my arms and chest. I wish I had better before and after pictures wearing the same outfits so you could really see the difference it makes, but let's be real. This is not a commercial, it's blog, I don't get paid or have a huge budget for this. So until I hit the jackpot this is what I have.

This spray is seriously the best ever, I don't think I'll ever use another self-tanner spray again (I'll use my L'oreal Sublime Bronze, it's just easier to use daily). Now where can you find this gem? Tanning supply shops (both stores and online) carry it,you can get it from the Playboy Tanning site directly, but I also found it here on Amazon for less than $20.

Have you used this spray before? What's your favorite self-tanner?

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