Wednesday, April 3, 2013

InstaLately Link Up 18

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Spring has finally sprung!

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My IG post from the morning of my 1st shower, I felt like a child waiting for Christmas!

 photo 2dc250cc944d11e28e8222000aa82017_7_zpsc9e0b12c.jpg
My sister and I at my gorgeous shower, which I posted about here!

 photo 5ea9f62096de11e282a722000a1f9d5f_7_zpsbfee858b.jpg
A centerpiece my mother made for the shower, I loved having it at home and seeing it everyday.

 photo 01b7ef8a92a111e2a73522000a1faf50_7_zpsb52ab57a.jpg
The best self-tanner ever, a full review will be up next week! It's seriously life changing!

 photo 117c9d7a97a711e2ab0f22000a9f305a_7_zpsef3b2bb0.jpg
Hands down the best eye primer and I found it at Nordstrom Rack for less than half the cost!

 photo C03C7DAD-06EE-4D40-82BD-58D7E3FBCF1F-7874-000003782B06C997_zps05490ebe.jpg
After reading so many reviews I finally gave in and bought elf's cream liner at Target and love it! I'll be doing a review soon! 

 photo 18CB434A-EE0C-482A-AB99-B2A7B7202E70-7874-0000037826CCA1D5_zpsea22f438.jpg
My Easter IG post and one of my favorite hymns. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and holiday!

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