Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bumpdate Week 34

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First, I just want to thank all of you again so much for the positive response, support, and love from my Bumpdate Week 33 about Frank Breech babies and having C-sections!! It lifted my spirits so much and helped me feel more confident about the procedure and more educated about what happens during/after C-sections. The honesty and openness that you have shared with me about your personal experiences (and your friends/family experiences) have helped to settle my fears.  I can't say it enough how much I appreciate each of you, thank you for all your kindness and love.

I have several questions ready for my doctor on Monday (my next appointment) and I look forward to seeing what options are available to me. Of course, our bunny can turn at any time, but I'm not counting on it. The most important thing will be that she's here healthy and happy, not what way she's born.

How far along?  33 weeks! (Each bumpdate reviews the week previous)

Total weight gain: At my last appointment, I was 15.6lbs up and I think we could add another pound or so. I have an appointment on Monday so I'll have an update next week.

Stretch marks?: Besides Stretch Mark Gate (read about it here  in Week 28) I haven't had any more pop up and the few I have on the underside of my chest have not grown or gotten worse.  I've started using Body Spa Cell.U.Lift Firming Body Lotion every morning after my shower and starting using the  Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter each night before bed (when I remember). The Body Spa Cell.U.Lift is a miracle worker!! The stretch marks have already started to fade after only a week of use! I have pictures and will do a review in a bit after I've documented some more and used the product for a longer time period. 

Maternity clothes: I hate getting dressed. I just want to wear pjs or my birthday suit everyday. I'm hot, uncomfortable, and a muumuu would be grand right now.I have some maxi dresses that are perfect for the weekends, but aren't work appropriate because they're strapless.

I'm still wearing my Old Navy Maternity Smooth-Panel Rockstar Jeggings  (I bought two pairs) and my Kiki La'Rue Jeggings (which aren't maternity, but fit below my belly).  They are the only bottoms I wear. My thighs/butt have gotten a size larger in the last month (I’m blaming the hip pain to a widening of my hips- I don’t care if that’s the truth or not) and some shorts I’ve been wearing unbuttoned no longer fit. Whatsoever.

Belly Button in or out?: Mostly out and flat, but it also depends on what position I’m in. It changes if I’m standing up or sitting down. It’s funny looking though and it feels funny to rub it. LOL.

Sleep: Sleep is better, I wake up once a night to use the restroom (there were two nights that I woke up twice) and I have started to sleep with a pillow wall around me. I have one on each side of me and it’s been so nice to turn from side to side without have to move one pillow or snoogle with me. Plus, I like the support and cushion the pillow provides on my back (like the snoogle does). I’ve also tucked the corner of a pillow under my belly for support as well which sometimes feels good and sometimes annoys me.

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Matt and I had our Breastfeeding class on Tuesday night. There was a lot of information, but I found it to be pretty basic. I've done a lot of research so I didn't hear anything I hadn't already read or learned from breastfeeding friends. I'm still glad we took it though, but I wish there was a class offered with more information about pumping and storage. My insurance does offer a postpartum class for breastfeeding as well and I hope to learn more then once I'm in the thick of my breastfeeding.

Best moment this week: All of the support from everyone about C-sections and breech babies! It has been so wonderful having mothers talk to me about their own experience or their friend’s experience. It’s given me so much reassurance and has changed my fear and apprehension by leaps and bounds.

We also started our Lamaze classes which I enjoyed and look forward to finishing in the next few weeks. I know that if I have a C-section the Lamaze classes may be a waste, but I'd rather be prepared. Also, I think the breathing and relaxation techniques will help with any anxiety I have before and during the surgery.

Worst moment this week: Nothing, this week was great!

Have you told family and friends: Yes!

Miss Anything? Shopping for myself and wearing shorts.

Movement: So much so! She's a mover and a shaker, but hasn't turned from her Frank Breech position.

Food cravings: I’m back to smoothies! I’ve made a few this week, I also want vanilla ice cream (which I haven’t had any, but I keep talking about it and then I’m too full to actually have some), pineapple juice, and more water.I don't think I've ever been so thirsty.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.

Have you started to show yet: Absolutely!

Gender: Team pink!

Symptoms: It’s been really warm this past week and my fingers have swelled a little bit. I can still wear my wedding rings comfortably, but have chosen not to in fear that at some point I won’t be able to get them off. I hate not wearing them though and feel naked without them, plus I feel like I get more eyes that move from my belly to my bare ring finger. I know I can wear the rings on a chain, but I’m afraid of losing them that way. So I’ll rock a bare hand until our bunny arrives! Luckily, the swelling hasn't reached my ankles or feet, knock on wood.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, happy, happy!

What I'm reading: I finally started The Happiest Baby on the Block and it seems like a great read, I’ll let you know once I’ve finished it! I'm really excited to read it and look forward to putting the information to use.

Looking forward to: Hanging things in the nursery, we have a few things that need to be painted before they’re hung, but it has been too windy to spray paint them outside (my husband will be painting them because of the fumes). I also have my 2nd shower with my husband’s side of the family next weekend and I’m pumped for that!
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