Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Firsts

When Carolyn posted this last week on life, love & puppy prints, I had to copy it. I thought it was so cute and I love fun posts like this where you can learn some fun facts about someone. 

FIRST thing I do in the morning... see what I can cut out of my routine to lay in bed another 10 minutes, check my email, InstaGram, and Facebook. Then I use the restroom and turn on the water for my shower.

FIRST thing I do when I get home from work... get into my pjs!

My FIRST kiss... my first real kiss was to a middle school bf and my first actual kiss was playing a game of suck and blow in the basement at a party (both kisses happened in 8th grade). 

 photo zma28006_zps2f494765.png

My FIRST home... was in South Jordan, Utah and I still Google map it every now and then to check it out.

My FIRST car... was a tank! I had a white Pontiac Bonneville that broke down all the time, the passenger window didn't work, my a/c and heater didn't work, and sometimes my rearview mirror fell off in the heat. I couldn't wait to get a nicer one.

My FIRST accident traffic violation... was on the freeway in a bit of rain on my way to a college class. I'm freaking out and of course none of my family answered their phones.

The FIRST thing I wanted to be when I grew up... was a chemist. I didn't have many friends as a child and was a total nerd. I also really wanted to be a mother and stay at home with my kids, a dream I've never ditched.

 photo 80997_sprite_jpg1a7f8d19754130d9a25e06fad8e2e7f3_zps0313ef0c.jpg
FIRST drink of choice... Sprite, then root beer (but not Barq's because of the caffeine), then lemonade.

FIRST dessert of choice... anything with apple or banana. So tarts, pie, ice cream, I'm in!

 photo outback_zps179f01fd.jpg
FIRST choice restaurant... Outback! It's my favorite place and where the hubs and I met. There's so many things on their menu I love and it's the first place we're eating after our little bunny arrives. I'm dying for a rare filet and their wedge salad with extra blue cheese.

 photo A81mId2CIAIMI0O_zps58230f69.jpg
FIRST song that comes to mind... Britney Spear's Scream and Shout, I can't get enough of this jam!

FIRST major purchase... my Honda CR-V! I felt like I needed to send a note to everyone saying "I have arrived". It was so exciting and I love my car.

FIRST job... working at Wet Seal at the mall. The job sucked, but I loved the discount. I used to lock my knees in the hopes that I would faint and could go home.

FIRST time I flew... As an infant, my mother worked for the airlines and we flew back to CA when we lived in UT all the time to visit her family.

FIRST "big girl" job... working for an insurance agent.

What are some of your firsts? 

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