Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1st Girls Day Out OOTD

Yesterday was my first girls day without Ellie. It was a special occasion- my sister-in-law's birthday! It was the first time I've had out with girls to just chat and enjoy ourselves. We went out and spent the whole day together while my mother-in-law watched Ellie. I missed her so much! I knew she was in good hands and I'm so happy that Matt and I have someone we can trust her with. It was the first time I was away from her for more than a few hours. Luckily, my MIL sent me a cute pic of her and texted me updates. I don't know how I'm going to deal with going back to work! I can cry just thinking about it. Enough of those thoughts though. I was gone around 7 hours and I brought my breast pump with me and an insulated lunch box with ice blocks to keep the milk fresh, but by the time I was ready to pump we were so close to being home I just sucked up the engorgement so I could nurse Ellie when I saw her. I was ready to burst though by then. I'm still trying to get this pumping thing down and it was my first time away from her for so long. Breastfeeding is no joke, it's not for the weak of heart I tell you!

For the day, I wanted to wear something fabulous and something that was comfortable. What did you think I wore? Um, Kiki La'Rue duh. The shop really is my go-to. They have the best stuff and everything I have from there is always perfection. If I ever have a question about sizing or about the product, Becka and her team respond right away. They take the guessing out of buying online, something you don't get from other shops where you have to just add to cart and pray it fits. I love that they use real models and post honestly about how it fits and what size to get.

I bought the Sweetest of Hearts Maxi a few weeks ago and have been dying to wear it. Today's celebration was the perfect opportunity. I love the bright color and the detailing at the top. It's not something I've seen in stores so I knew I wouldn't see it on every girl out there. I love having unique pieces that you can wear over and over again. Another great thing about this dress is that it's so long, I'm 5'8 and the dress grazed the floor.  It's really hard finding a dress that long enough to wear, especially if I ever want to wear it with a heel or wedge.

 photo 9EC872D0-28B7-4DCE-8A04-ED654C92B100-17472-000007284AA60A36_zps67a333f3.jpg photo 83C0D022-1F2C-4546-84CB-F4FE66A4D275-17472-00000728462CAFD3_zps0cddb4a3.jpg photo 890D18F6-1EBE-45EF-B699-28A671B13107-17472-000007283664A4B4_zps51142c83.jpg
Isn't the detailing at the top so fun? I love the colors and patterns. Makes it fun for your lipstick options!
Sweetest of Hearts Maxi c/o available in six colors
Necklaces were gifts

What are your go-to maxis? Mamas, how do you deal with being away from your little ones?
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