Monday, July 22, 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

I'm finally getting my hair done this morning! I'm so excited. I LOVE getting my hair done. Being in the salon, chatting up with my stylist, coming out a new woman, it's the best feeling ever. I've really been thinking about cutting it shorter, into a longer bob or a lob. It's one of my favorite cuts and I've always gone back to it several times since high school. I feel so cliche to cut my hair after having a baby though. Or after your wedding. It's like you keep a look for so long for something and once the event is over, there goes your hair length or color.

What I like most about the lob is that it gives you the opportunity to cut your hair without it being too short and it still can be put up in a ponytail. For me, I consider it the best of both worlds. I adore short hair, I had it all through high school and really miss it sometimes, but short hair can be such a pain. You have to do it everyday and it can take longer to style than long hair. Right now I wash my hair 1-2 times a week and curl it only every 3 days and I don't know if I could keep that up with short hair. With a lob, I can. Here are my favorite cuts on celebrities.

 photo 10489ca64d66463d8286c0c6e9fa36edd_zpsc7ca8d0f.jpg photo 14cf0981f16da058d412c04ea8a0adc0b_zps5cab4c4d.jpg photo 1696f26bd757be6f605528768f4404d2a_zps0e8c4209.jpg photo 1aa361d2bd12ee13d5d96f86fe72a50b5_zps84e89c1d.jpg photo 116d1462198e969fb9a5666c05aa9cf9b_zps192358f8.jpg photo 16af95815ab76dbc409f516f10f4cf718_zpsee0111fb.jpg photo 1f43f29de8db1b6c1a5aa9a70e5413351_zps8f5d6737.jpg photo 1507b4a1a27156fbc2fb08c4e8fadc9f7_zps80248596.jpg

I love that you have so much versatility with this cut. It looks great curled, messy, straight, and it's long enough to put up. I know I sound like a broken record, but maybe it's because I'm trying to talk myself into cutting off the few inches of length I have. Maybe I'll just get my hair colored and trimmed, but not cut. Who knows.

If I could walk out with any hair I wanted, it would have to be Blake's. She has the most beautiful hair in all the land. The color, the length, the messy curls, I die. Her hair always looks good, I've never seen it look bad. Ever. It's like it was weaved from threads of gold by Rumpelstiltskin. Her hair color is perfection, I want to get as close to her color as possible.

 photo 1d174e0a2e7d853f2c984d0c2f0708e26_zps57c307ab.jpg photo 117a9ae3c4619ebba9e96a9ea4457e346_zpsaa0584ea.jpg photo 1d1915091baa8726427d6d1977cfc2492_zpsd16dbf8c.jpg

What's your favorite cut? Do you have a signature style? What celebrity's hair do you covet?
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