Wednesday, June 5, 2013

One Week Ago...Our Story in Pictures

I'm working on writing our birth story to share with everyone, but I wanted to share some pictures with you in the meantime.The day was so beautiful and Matt and I were filled with so much excitement and anticipation, luckily we were able to cherish every single moment even though it went by in a flash! I can't believe this was all a week ago already. It seems like it was just yesterday and a lifetime ago at the same time. My husband and I just stare at our little Ellie and talk about how we can't remember a time without her.

 photo IMG_0583_zps16ee0883.jpg photo IMG_0586_zps90b6e9cc.jpg photo IMG_0588_zps850daf35.jpg photo IMG_0589_zps348b77ce.jpg photo 674a6df9-8c07-4b44-b908-77bbbcf817e9_zps02ef076b.jpg photo IMG_0622_zps332f1a2c.jpg photo IMG_0624_zps8f6c8a90.jpg photo b517594c-38ce-45e9-a2ee-65625e7be8bb_zps5731c1ad.jpg photo IMG_0646_zpsfaf5cc0f.jpg photo 0cea21ab-2919-43ee-8361-0ef22d9bedbe_zps020146af.jpg photo IMG_0660_zps77e15663.jpg photo IMG_0695_zpse52f6b12.jpg photo fb173142-6149-4978-9101-23a096826339_zps65c67b04.jpg photo IMG_0707_zpsb25520e6.jpg photo b61d18d9-ae4e-410e-8403-54f9156726bd_zps51c8a2fc.jpg photo IMG_0713_zps33e0e814.jpg photo 9e454f4d-4b26-40d8-adf8-5aaf1beb8640_zps46e626bb.jpg photo 386abf26-3032-449e-867a-dc2741cd9152_zpsea029e37.jpg photo IMG_0896-Copy_zps309f67c8.jpg photo IMG_0888-Copy_zps8df0fe95.jpg photo IMG_0720_zpscc9b2ada.jpg photo IMG_0726_zps30104a07.jpg photo 737a1261-83b8-49d1-9783-c7dbeb1f5472_zps279ac6b9.jpg photo IMG_0908-Copy_zpsdcac409a.jpg photo IMG_0930_zps59dfaef0.jpg photo IMG_0932_zps86cd330c.jpg photo IMG_0938_zps4d1c2063.jpg photo c4eaf49d-c6d1-4a04-b2d8-57508ccf15e8_zps012ce2a8.jpg
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