Monday, September 11, 2017

5 Must-Haves for Baby 3

*FTC Disclaimer: All items were given to me for a blog post and my honest opinion. All opinions and thoughts are my own.*

It's baby week everyone!! I can't believe it's finally here! I both am ready for his arrival (psh, ya right!) and could wait another week and prep a bit more. His room decor is done (just waiting on his bedding to arrive), I need to organize his drawers some more, clean out his closet, and pack for the hospital!! Eek!!

As I'm preparing for his arrival, I rounded up 5 must have items this time around and what I can't believe I lived without before! I've talked to all my mama friends and these are the items I know we'll use daily and will come in hand time and time again.


1. Dock A Tot
Where was this when I had Ellie? I wish I had it from the very start, but I'm so glad I have one now. Emma is currently using it as we transition her out of her crib and into her big girl bed. She loves it and likes to lounge in it to watch a movie. I talked to a few of my mom friends and they all swear by them and I just had to have one for our third. I'm worried about what kind of a sleeper he'll be and I'm game for anything that helps! We chose the Deluxe in Mint Trellis and I think we'll definitely get a larger one for Emma and baby boy to use.


2. Binxy Baby
One of my biggest worries for this transition from 2-3 kids is how am I going to get stuff done? How will errands go getting three kids in and out of carseats and how will I herd them around the store? Will I be that mom who is at the grocery store at 11pm at night doing my weekly shopping? Yep! That was my plan! I kid you not. Not that there's anything wrong with doing your shopping so late at night, but I'm hoping to be asleep by then. I told my husband, if I can't order it online, or get it from Costco when we go together on the weekends, we don't need it. Plain and simple. When I saw these cute hammocks I knew I found a solution! Ellie can walk (or I can run my errands while she's at preschool), Emma sits in the cart, and baby boy in the hammock. Done and done! I love that I can use this instead of putting his giant carseat inside the cart and losing all that room!! Best invention ever!


3. Finn & Emma
So, I've only ever shopped for girls, and when I first started looking at boy clothes I had a hard time finding things I liked. Again, I checked in with my boy mama friends and found the cutest prints, colors, and trends with Finn & Emma. I love their organic, non-toxic jimmies and can't wait to see our little guy in this blue set! I've also found our groove for style with him and other stores that fit what we like. Win win!! I'm also obsessed with their wooden toys, they have so many unique designs that I haven't seen anywhere.


4. Milestone Cards
I LOVE taking monthly pics of our babies' first year. They are some of my favorite pics and I always display them at their first birthday party. For the girls I always used stickers, but once they're on the move and it's harder to take pics, the stickers would get ripped up, wrinkled, folded, etc. I love that these cards can be placed next to them or that they can hold them for the pics. I think it will be so much easier! These cards have the cutest designs to pick from and offer 30 cards in each pack so you can capture so much more! Weeks, months, milestones (rolling over, holidays, first words, etc), I love knowing that with our last baby, he won't get overlooked and I'll be able to capture the small moments just like I did with our first born!


5. The Ollie Swaddle
Where was this swaddle with my first child? Everyone I know swears by them and I'm so happy to have one for our little one. There are so many benefits to swaddling, that I learned the hard way after Ellie, and I swaddled Emma all the time. Swaddling helps the transition from the womb, promotes self-soothing, and in my experience helps them to become better sleepers. I love that the Ollie Swaddles are all velcro with wiggle room so it will be easy to wrap him up snuggly and will grow with him.

What are you favorite baby items? What worked the best for you?