Tuesday, August 26, 2014

House to Home: Our Playroom Reveal

One of the things I was most excited about with our new house is the open loft that we would use as a playroom (and later a homework/TV room for when the kids get older). A few months ago, I did a playroom inspiration post (check it out here!) and we've finally made enough headway on the room to share it. I wouldn't say that it's finished yet, but I'm happy with the direction it's taken.

I've been going back and forth about what colors I wanted to use, how I wanted to decorate it, what would make the most sense for Ellie to get the most use out of the room, etc. I've finally landed on a color scheme of navy, pink, white, and gold. I may also add in some aqua as well. Right now, the theme may not jump out at you, but we have some projects in mind to bring out more navy/aqua. We want to add a TV in the upper corner, add blinds and a valence to the windows, get a new lamp and couch, and get a table/chairs for Ellie as well. Since you can see the room from the front entrance, I didn't want to have too much color or anything that would be distracting from the overall feel of our home.

 photo 9de409c5-d718-4598-a7ca-7846a4e9daf5_zps5246763d.jpg photo 1E6B3321-822F-484D-9309-3B4AA1E62734_zpsvvwm5mwy.jpg photo aadb1124-9652-41c0-8b18-8601ca697bc0_zpsd7108662.jpg photo 9cab7a6e-7bc2-41c5-abc8-ddd2afe19a61_zps65075133.jpg photo A8E53CAC-F50E-462C-92FB-4DA7355B91A3_zpsmiy5qy0q.jpg photo 1E6B3321-822F-484D-9309-3B4AA1E62734_zpsvvwm5mwy.jpg photo 8a6e3d37-a5d2-4768-8896-b5386b0353ed_zpsf0be83c9.jpg photo 989583B1-A297-42AD-AAE2-74E6D9FA7CFC_zpsfvnpi1ze.jpg photo c09c7ffa-1cf4-4e99-8913-f28b695961e0_zpsa70b9304.jpg photo 82DCF810-D3B2-408B-8285-BAD98B5C7E3A_zpsr1kftj6w.jpg photo 1AD6262B-5E12-4DC3-8D62-2CDD7C449599_zpswxkiprwz.jpg photo D8B9F13A-607E-4D33-8F50-B23125BD4492_zpsegjxonef.jpg

Book Shelves
Eat You Up Canvas
Princess Tent
Alphabet Letters via Very Jane
Baskets from Home Goods and Target
Pom Pom Blanket
Tassle Garland made by me for Ellie's birthday using this tutorial
Growth Ruler
Chalkboard (from our wedding!)

I love this space so far, it's been so nice to have a place to keep all of Ellie's toys. Of course, there's toys that have spilled over into our kitchen and living room. This book shelf is great too, it holds so much and we're constantly changing it around so Ellie can play with different toys every few weeks. It makes them like new, LOL!

What's your favorite part of your playroom? What do your kids love best?


Rachel Steck said...

It looks great!

Mrs Gable said...

Love this!

life as Mrs. said...

omgosh i love it all! i may be copying on some of these deets! Looks great!