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Product Review: Jamberry Nails

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My cousin Desiree and I have shared some beauty and mommy secrets and tips over the years. Try this lipstick, this is when you should size up in diapers, there’s a sale at so-and-so you have to check out, etc. We both just had baby girls last May and we have so much fun talking about parenting and sharing stories. When I went back to Utah in March to visit, we had a blast together and watching the kids play. I wish we lived closer and could see each other more often, it’s always so much fun getting together.
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One thing she turned me onto was Jamberry Nails. Knowing I’m such a nail polish fanatic, she knew I would love this nail product and she was right! I kept seeing all of her fun nails posted on her Instagram and her Facebook page and when I told her how I never have time for my nails with Ellie she told me how since there’s no drying time, I could stop and start the application as needed to attend to her. I thought that was pretty cool and she sent me a sheet to try for myself.
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Each Jamberry sheet comes with 18 stickers in varying sizes and are long enough that you can cut the strips in half and use them again for another application (2-3 applications total depending on your nail length/width). Above is a guide on how to get the most out of each sheet. They offer a variety of colors, themes, sorority symbols, and now even have Mommy & Me for your little ones to get in on the action. The products are vegan-free so you don’t worry about damaging your nails.
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The tools needed are pretty simple- rubbing alcohol, a nail file, some manicure scissors, a cuticle pusher, and a blow dryer. Easy peasy, I have all of that stuff already! I received my Jamberry Nails quickly in the mail with a note of instruction and some supplies. When Ellie was distracted and sleeping I got to work. She did need my attention mid-application and I was able to help her midway through and then resume which was pretty cool.
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The application is easy, but I think there’s a bit of a learning curve. The first hand I started with looks a little janky, but my second hand looks great! LOL. I think just getting used to the product application and knowing your nails is key to a perfect application. I also didn’t spend a lot of time making each nail perfect. I think it will be much easier when I use the same nail sheet for my toes since I’ll have both hands available and can be more precise.
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A few of my favorite picks

Would I use them again?
Yes. I will probably buy them to try again. I think they will be perfect for my toes or as an accent nail for a manicure. I probably will buy them again because they are somewhat addicting now that I've tried them.

Do they last?
They are supposed to last about 2 weeks on your fingers and 4 weeks on your toes, but I peeled mine off because I’m a habitual nail polish peeler/picker. Again, this is why I think I’ll use them more for my toes in the future. My cousin and friends have posted tons of pictures online of before/after weeks of wear and they definitely last that timeframe.

Are they easy to apply?
Yes and no. Getting used to the application (which is easy after your first run) and knowing what sizes work best for your nails will make the application go quickly and smoothly.

$15 and if you buy three you get one free!

Would I recommend them?
Absolutely! It’s fun to try something different and they have hundreds of prints, styles, and finishes to choose from. There is seriously something for everyone!

All Jamberry products are available online (including a new laquers that match their wraps!), you can host a party at home or online, and become a consultant yourself as well!

Have you tried Jamberry Nails yet? Any tips? What's your favorite print?
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