Thursday, August 28, 2014

Baby Must Haves- Reviewing the Year

These last few weeks I’ve been thinking about my monthly Baby Must Haves and which products I shared that have really lasted the test of time. The idea first popped into my head to check back through the posts when I was nursing Ellie using our Boppy and then again when we cleaned out our garage and are storing some of the baby items for Baby #2 (whenever that happens).

Overall, I think my monthly must-haves were pretty accurate for that month and the items featured. I wanted to do a blog post on items that we have really used a lot, focusing on items that I used for several months and would consider as Baby Holy Grail items for our family. There are only a few items that didn’t stand the test of time and we only used them for a very short period. I’ll go over them in detail and why I feel like they’re just ok in a future post since this one is so long. I'm leaving out toys for now, those change so frequently, there are definitely some stand outs and I may do a future post on those too. Would you be interested?
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Backpack Diaper Bag: We’ve used a backpack for Ellie since the beginning. A few people made comments to me about being such a “fashionista” that they were surprised that I would be using a backpack instead of some trendy bag, but I prefer to have my hands free. Plus, the pockets and extra storage is nice to have and it’s easy to switch between Matt and myself without having to either keep two bags stocked or switching items back and forth. Ok, so this wasn't featured in any of my must have posts, but I don't know why! I can't believe I've left it out and had to include it in this post!

Glider: We didn’t get a glider for several months, we were using an old school rocking chair and I think that is one of my biggest regrets. Get yourself a glider! They are so much nicer to sit and rock your child. We still use ours with Ellie, and I really wish we had bought one to start. I just didn’t think it would make that big of a difference for us. Looking back to when we were first home and I had to sleep on the couch sitting up for the first few nights, if we had a glider, my nights would have been 100% better. Get one from the start! This is another item I didn't post about in my must haves, but it is definitely a must have!

Boppy: I swear by my boppy! I used it from day one, it makes nursing so much easier for me. I have used a pillow as well, but prefer the boppy. Definitely take it with you to the hospital! It puts everyone at ease to hold such a little one in their arms. Originally posted in my very first monthly must have.

The First Years Sound Machine: This is another item we use everyday for naps and bedtime. Ellie doesn't need it to go to sleep (which is great!), but it blocks out the noise while we're doing stuff around the house. She knows it's time to sleep when the noise goes on. It's also the only night light in her room, it's a soft blue calming light. It's not very strong so it leaves her room pretty dark. It's also from the first monthly must have!

Thirty One Tote Bag: This was a gift from my baby shower and was also included in our 3 Month Must Haves, and we use it every single day! It’s the bag I use to prepare for daycare, food/extra outfit/toy/etc. We also use in conjunction with our diaper if we’re going somewhere and need extra storage. I also use it for church to carry a few items for Ellie. It’s nice that it’s a tote and has easy access to get into and the extra pockets on the side are convenient to hold my phone, extra pacis, and sippy cup. During the week when I tell Ellie that we’re ready to go, she gets her bag and tries to carry it herself, it’s the cutest thing! I need to get a picture of her doing it.

Taggies Tag 'n Go Cart Cover: This was from our 6 Month post, and we still use it! It's nice to have something covering the carts when we go out, especially when there's some sickness going around. We don't use it every single time, but 2/3 of our trips for sure. It's a great baby shower gift!

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer: This was a gift from above! We used this so much and we're hanging on to it for the next baby! Featured in our 4 Month Must Haves, Ellie was very particular about what she was snuggled in and this was one of the few items she liked. It's on sale right now too!

Baby K'Tan Baby Carrier: Also included in the 3 Month post, I love this carrier and will still use it on my hip to carry Ellie. It's in great condition after all the washes and times we've used it. This would also be a great gift for a mommy to be. It's super easy to use and the best carrier we tried.

OxiClean Max Force Gel Stick: This is an absolute must-have! It's been 15 months of uh-ohs and I don't have a SINGLE article of clothing with a stain. This stuff is the bomb. It gets out everything and has never bothered our little girl's skin. Included in our 2 Month Must Haves.

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle Swing: A swing is a need in baby days. I've also heard great things about the Momaroo, but have never tried it myself. This is the swing that we have and enjoyed, but I think most swings will get the job done. Included in our 2 Month Must Haves.

Muslin Blankets: The word on the street is right, muslin blankets are the best! They're big, soft, and great for use year-round. We have several from different brands, but my favorite are these from Carter's. We still keep one in the diaper bag, it's great to cover her when she's sleeping, to put on the floor when she's playing, etc. My 2 Month Must Haves, was on point since these last three items are from that post!

What are some of your Mommy Holy Grail items? Am I missing something from my list? Did these items work for you? If not, what and why not? I love hearing what items are must haves from other mommies!
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