Monday, August 25, 2014

How We Spent Our Vacation

This past week I was on vacation and will have to return back to the grind today. It was so nice to have a few days off together. We originally planned to travel up north to Washington to see family, but Matt and I both still had to work a few days during the week. I had a few meetings to attend, so I couldn't really go anywhere too far. We're hoping to travel up there next year and visit some family and visit the tourist spots. This week went by so quickly, we kept busy every day, but I still feel like we didn't get enough in. I had a long list of things I wanted to do and we didn't even knock off half of them! I guess I know what we'll be doing on future weekends!

Our first order of vacation was a night away camping with Nana and Papa. Ellie loves being outside and we always visit the same camping spot which has a lot of activities and keeps us busy. We also get to relax and unwind at night around the fire and under the stars.

Then it was off to the zoo! Our niece stayed the night with us the night before, and watching the two of them play was heart melting. It was Ellie's first sleepover and she probably could have stayed up all night playing and giggling. It was hilarious watching them run around and chase each other, play with toys, have tea parties, and play peekaboo. We woke up bright and early to get a head start on the day. The girls loved looking at all of the animals and Ellie insisted on holding hands with her cousin and I. Matt and I bought passes so we'll be going often with our little ray of sunshine. I can't wait to visit the safari park!
 photo 7BA495EA-FC3C-432B-B2F0-19EB54DC594E_zpsdduvrdbd.jpg photo 94F5CC0B-A927-4913-AB78-D984C2C767AB_zps4xdgubw3.jpg

The next day we ran errands and visited a park near our home. The park is huge and had a lake with ducks to feed, but Ellie kept eating the bread we had brought instead of the ducks! It was hilarious and adorable. We played in the grass, at the park in the swings, and ran all over the place.
 photo 89C0AB30-E843-4B13-8CA0-E7A7971C90BE_zpsxe0qbqev.jpg photo 26840C25-1D7F-4F51-843E-562193A86BC0_zpshmfy74zz.jpg photo DABA1A6A-30E3-4989-ABE3-1FB72719D987_zpsvzrat2pt.jpg photo 258508A7-2BA3-4576-9251-8CDDBDC902A8_zpsabhcu4uu.jpg

Matt and I were able to sneak away for a little date. We went out for sushi and relaxed around the house. It was so weird to be home without Ellie- the house was so quiet! We spent all of our days at home getting stuff done, relaxing, and cuddling with Ellie. She had some shots this week and four molars are coming in, so she's had a tough few days, so it's been awesome to spend extra time with her.
 photo 1884EC45-C4F6-471D-A658-41E47FC08CF2_zpsujbsqwfu.jpg

We ended the week with my cousin's beautiful wedding. It was gorgeous! He was dressed to the nines and his bride was stunning. It was such a fun night dancing and celebrating their union.
 photo 10405622_10152379932953845_3893672676300588484_n_zpsce7b93f3.jpg photo 2BFCC5CF-1526-4FC6-BB9B-80273FA56AAB_zps4rkuyggm.jpg

Have a great week, happy Monday!
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