Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our Pregnancy Story

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 Our positive pregnancy test. One was all we needed!

One thing I've always wanted in life was to be a mother and have a large family. Even into college, my biggest life goal was not a thriving career, but to have a happy family. It just killed one of my college professors that I wanted to continue my education with a Master's, but ultimately wanted to just stay home doing crafts, singing songs, and cleaning up after my children.

My husband and I share the same dream and couldn't wait to start a family. We decided that as of September, we would officially be "trying". We were excited and giggly and the family that we told were placing bets on how soon we would be announcing our baby to be. I've always tracked my period, on birth control or not, and I've luckily had a really regular period. I started taking pre-natal vitamins, changed up my diet to a healthier version and cut out all alcohol. I mean, if I could be pregnant any day, why wouldn't I stop drinking right away? Plus, I've always had the idea that once I was a mother I would stop drinking altogether. It's really not important to me, and to be honest I haven't missed it at all.

To help track my periods I used a phone app P Tracker, which I also used to track my fertile and expected ovulation date. It's really not scientific and I wasn't placing any bets on it. My friends all suggested taking my temperature and using ovulation kits, but I wanted to have a month or more to just try it the "old fashioned way". I didn't want to put too much pressure on anything or set my expectations too high. My periods were at the start of every month and then it was go time.

Unfortunately, my Grandmother passed away (you may remember from this post) so not only was that the saddest news of my entire life, it also put a wrench into our baby making. I was supposed to be ovulating in the middle of my trip and Matt wasn't going with me. We did the research and knew how long sperm typically lasts, so I couldn't even take some of him with me if you will. Yes, I know. Totally TMI, but it's the truth. So we went on our merry way and set our sights on October . Later in September I had my annual OBGYN appointment and I talked to the doctor about how my husband and I were trying to conceive. She talked to me about early pregnancy symptoms (which is basically period symptoms) and talked about what an expected time frame would be before starting to worry about fertility.

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In our car waiting for our first sonogram appointment

Jumping to the end of the month, I was late having my period. Like I said earlier, I'm like clockwork. I talked to my husband and we figured that now we were officially trying I would probably be late every month so we decided to wait until I was a full week late before we took a test. My symptoms were normal; bottomless pit of hunger and sore engorged breasts. However, I noticed I had slight cramping in my lower abdomens, nothing crazy, just uncomfortable, which my doctor had said was a sign of early pregnancy. I never have cramps so a smile crept up on my face every time I felt them, because I just kind of knew.

Finally, it's a whole week later. Show time. We took a test and it instantly gave me the double lines. We jumped and whooped with joy. Then sat on the couch in shock with huge goofy smiles on our faces. This day, was also my grandmother's birthday. I KNOW she had a hand in this, it made it all the more special for me. My husband and I kept it to ourselves that whole day, laughing silently with each other, giving each other big grins, and lots of kisses. Later that night, we told our immediate families the good news!

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Our first sonogram

We had our first appointment and found out we were further along than we had originally thought, I was actually pregnant BEFORE my trip to Utah, not after like we had expected! I'm not sure why, but that really made me excited. At the appointment we saw how active our little munchkin is and heard their heartbeat. That little nugget was so adorable and reacted to funny jokes and parts of our conversation. I know it can't actually hear yet, but it was hilarious. We are due early June and will be finding out the sex of our baby early next year. We have all of our names picked out, including middle names, but I'll share those later on.

We are beyond thrilled. The moment we've waited our lives for is here and a new journey as a family is upon us. I can't help but smile all day long. Planning our next year is so exciting!

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments, emails, tweets, etc. It's such an amazing time in my life and I'm so happy to share with everyone. Each thoughtful word you sent me has made my heart even fuller. Thank you again, I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate it!

Are you guys interested in updates? I know as a reader, I love reading others pregnancy journey.

If so, what would you be interested in hearing about?

PS Today marks week 15 for us!
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