Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fave Things I've Learned from Sites + Monthly Must-Reads: November 2012

What are 3 of your favorite things you've learned from other blogs/youtube?

Oh how I love blogging so much! I've "met" so many people, learned so much, and have been inspired in a million different ways. I've made connections with people and have had so much support from each of you. It's been an incredible experience. This month's question is sharing some of our favorite things we've learned, and I knew right away what mine was. Now, I'd like to feature all of you since you've each inspired me in one way or another, but I had to choose only 3. Maybe in another post?

Cara from MaskCara's site is incredible! She's a gorgeous woman and has the most amazing tutorials for hair and make-up. It's seriously life changing! I've learned new ways to curl my hair, new products to buy (she uses a huge mix of high and low end brands, which I love), and ways to contour my round face and pudgy cheeks. Did I mention that she's great at replying back to questions on her posts? Amazing. I love her.

Steph of Hair and Make-up by Steph has taught me a ton of hair tricks too. Her instructions and pictures are easy to follow. From her I finally was able to master curling my hair with a straightening iron. Something I've been trying to learn forever and watched a ton of YouTube videos without luck. I emailed her about some issues I was having with getting one side to curl and she responded so quickly with some extra tips for me.

Then, obviously... I had to include Pinterest. Making women everywhere bakers, cooks, crafters, fashionistas and workout fiends. From Pinterest I've also found new blogs to follow, it's how I actually found the above two sites, plus Devon Rachel, Pink Peonies, and countless others.Where would we all be without Pitnerest? It's one of the world's best inventions. Ever. Like ever.

What are some things you've learned from blogs? Are my picks any shock to you? Beauty and Pinterest. I'm so predictable.
Question of the month: What are 3 of your favorite things you've learned from other blogs/Youtube?

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