Tuesday, December 4, 2012

InStyle and People Style Watch

I think my love for magazines is apparent. My top two favorite that I HAVE to get month to month is both InStyle and People Style Watch. I rely on these two magazines for the latest fashion and beauty news. In both magazines I find a lot of inspiration for blog posts, fashion, beauty, plus they have the best features like celebrity looks for less and products at all price points for trend items.

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This week through Friday December 7, when you buy both InStyle and People Stylewatch together Target is giving a $5 giftcard! Hello. Add to cart. The summer, fall, and holiday issues are always my favorite, and definitely a must-have in my book.

My hub works Saturday morning, so it's the perfect time for me to catch up on my girl stuff. This past weekend I swooped up the most recent issues and dived in. Like I said before, the holiday issues are one of my favorites! All the glitz, glamour, and holiday gift ideas have me starry-eyed.

Here are some of my favorite features in each magazines, and images that inspired me that I hope to recreate on my own:
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Each People Style Watch includes a breakdown of their cover girl's style and beauty. This is one of my favorite features! Little styling tips that are the celebrity's signature, easy ways they always look put together or accessorize. The dress above in the bottom corner, a look for less, is from LC's line at Kohls! I'm en route to check it out asap, it would be the perfect holiday dress!

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Changing up your hair style can be the easiest way to update your look with little cost. I love having new ways to do my hair, little things I can perk up an everyday style, and make a ho-hum outfit looks feminine and cute. Plus it's good to have some go-to do for bad hair days. Polished ponytails? Perfect for day after curls that are messy from a night's sleep!

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Theses are the holiday hair looks I plan on re-creating. Both should be simple enough, yet a completely different style than my usual. I'll definitely post pictures of how it turns out!

I've been a subscriber to InStyle for years! It's on my Christmas wishlist each year and is the gift that gives all year round. The beautiful ads, celebrity interviews, and of course the beauty and fashion trends keep me coming back for more.
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A newer feature to the magazine that I'm all over is their Inspired by Instyle! section where readers send in pictures of how they recreated looks from past issues. Um. That's half my OOTD, nails, and hair looks I've recreated here on the blog. I love seeing how other women interpreted what they saw into their every day lives. Sometimes seeing how they created the looks help me to find a way to create them myself in my own way.
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Man of Style is another article I look forward to each month. It's always hot actors with new projects out and include some of the sexiest pictures. This month features Eddie Redmayne of Les Miserables (which I'm seeing day after Christmas if it's the last thing I do!) and he's my new man crush. Each article also includes little pieces of what women who've worked with them have to say, and always includes a little secret from the set! Then, of course, an article on their personal style.
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I'm so happy I read this over the weekend! Saturday was my girlfriend's birthday celebration and I had no idea what I wanted to wear. It was rainy and cold, so I didn't want to wear a dress, when I saw these Perfect Party Pairs, I knew right away what I wanted to wear: my liquid leggings, black heels, a basic top, and a statement necklace. Thanks InStyle! Made my life so much easier. With printed pants making such a huge statement right now, this article has the perfect pairings for the holiday parties! Then I love pairing Jazzy Tops with just Basic Jeans. Something about the mix works so well for a night out.
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I'm pretty sure women everywhere love Carrie Underwood. Her hair and makeup are ALWAYS perfection. I was so excited to see her featured in this month's Beauty Talk. She talked about her beauty routine in her teens and her fitness regime, then my favorite part- her beauty must-haves. I was pretty stoked to see we use the same moisturizer (Olay Complete) and nail polish (OPI Bubble Bath).

What is your favorite sections of magazines? What magazines are your must-haves? Do you find a lot of inspiration from the articles?

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