Thursday, April 1, 2010

Resolutions, March Update

March has been 20/50 for my resolutions, some things I've done great at and others have slipped. I'm hoping that April I can be 100% on all things (I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed for that).
So... here we go:


1. Write in my journal..... I never ended up doing
last month's recap and haven't written in my Kiehl's journal either!! I better step it up in April!

2. This is my year of savings. I'm still in the same boat as
last month, but have kept my eye on rates so I can compare banks for my retirement account.

3. Lose 15lbs by May 1st. I'm doing awesome with this! It's killed me not to do a post sooner! I've gone to the gym almost every week (except one because I had holidays and family dinners nearly everyday), and for one week I even worked out BEFORE work!! I know- amazing right? I've stopped counting calories, but have made adjustments and have just kept eating a lot of the same stuff as when I was counting. Counting calories is really what helped me to lose and REALLY opened my eyes to what I have been putting in my mouth. Did you know a banana milkshake has 900 calories? I almost cried. I only have 9 more lbs to go and I am DETERMINED to lose it in April. I plan on doing the Jillian Michael 30 Day shred 3 days a week before work and working out 3 days a week after work while continuing to eat healthy. I'm so serious about those last 9 pounds, I'm going to lose them if it kills me. Once I've lost the initial weight I want to lose, I'm going to then focus on toning up and staying healthy.

4. Learn to cook. Well, I'm at a stand still with this one, but I am making Easter treats for this weekend- that counts right? This one is hard for me because I get home so late, I still need to work out, meet with friends, catch up on my DVR shows, etc. so I end up eating whatever my Mom has prepared or a bowl of cereal. I need to start trying new recipes on the weekend when I have more time.

5. To be more personal on this blog. I've been doing a lot of inspiration posts, trying new hair and make-up looks, and other personal posts and I've had a lot of fun. Is there anything that you guys really enjoyed or would like to see more of?

How are you guys doing with your resolutions? Have you changed or modified any of them? Have you abandoned any?
How did you like the SBTB throwback? Wasn't it such a great show?
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