Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mmmmm You Smell Pretty

I wear perfume everyday, some I use more than others, and some I wear only on special occasions. When I first started to wear perfume, once I finished a bottle I'd be done with it. I'd be so over the scent I still can't wear some of them today. Then there's the few disappointments that at first smelled great, but after time you realized you just smelled like an old lady and only use the bottle now for decoration or paper weights.

I have found a few that are tried and true. Here are the few that have made the cut and I've continued to buy repeatedly:
Daisy by Marc Jacobs I wear most often, it's a light scent of violets, strawberries, jasmine, and vanilla.

J'Adore by Dior I wear often too, but usually when I'm feeling extra special or have a particularly cute outfit on. It's very feminine and sultry scent of white magnolias, Calabrian bergamot, citrust, and rose.

Issey Miyake is my special night scent. It's a little strong than the others and I save it for big nights out. It's scent is floral with lotus, cyclamen, freesia, and a musky wood.

I've worn all three of these for years now and have received numerous compliments on them. I'll probably still be wearing them when I am an old lady!

What are your favorite scents? Have you picked up any new ones?
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