Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get out!


Leighton Meester is rumored to be hooking up with Rob Pattinson now that she and her ex-bf Sebastian Stan are over. Rob has allegedly been seen coming and going from her apartment, often times with an over night bag (ps, what guy- who's not your bf- brings an overnight bag??)

Do you think it's true? Do you like them as a couple? Would would you like to see them paired up with?

I think they make an awkward couple and can't envision them together, he seems to quiet and disheveled to be with her.


Anonymous said...

I totally thought Robert was with that horrible girl from Twilight??? I think Leighton can do better

Anonymous said...

This is Karli btw. I think they could be cute together. Maybe she can clean him up a bit. However, the inner little girl with me still wants him to be with Kristen Stewart!! They both are awkwardly adorable.

Anonymous said...

um...i kind of like them as a couple. i swear her feet have lived in nothing but some form of bootie for months. let them breathe leighton! anyway. i'm a new reader btw :)

Jessica said...

Say what?! Hmm. I cannot decide if I like them as a couple or not. I rather like the idea of edward and Bella being an item in real life too haha. But I can kind of see him with Leighton, and vice versa. They'd be a sexy duo.

Miss K said...

Anonymous- I have a friend who works for a huge PR firm and he says that KStew & RPats is all just for publicity and they're not really together.

Karli- I know you do! I'm still holding out hope for Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

Life is Reed-iculous- Leighton definitely needs to switch up her shoes! Maybe we'll see more with summer around the corner. Thanks for reading, I'm happy to have you!!

Jessica- I think on looks, they kinda go together (only if he cleaned up a bit), but he seems so weird. I think she needs a more suave guy than him.

Amanda said...

Definitely weird. I cannot picture them together!!