Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celeb Inspiration: Kate Beckinsale

So I'm pretty sure, nearly 100%, that Kate Beckinsale is every girl's crush. If not for fashion or beauty for her drop dead gorgeous locks at least. This chica has it going on. I think there's very few people who are as chic as her and always looks put together. I mean, she looks smoking in a beanie....a freaking beanie people!! Looking through her photos (there's tons btw) I've noticed a few things about her style that I consider to be her staple: shiny curly locks- her hair always has some bounce to it, eye liner, pink cheeks and pout, bronzed face, and uber high heels.

Casual Looks- not only can you see what I believe to be her staples in use here, she also wears clothes that fit well and show off her great body. Some of these looks can easily be copied and when in doubt- wear sexy shoes! Having the right shoe can really take an outfit from so-so to ooh la la. I'm really going to consider this the next time I want to wear flats, "just think Kate" will have to be my new mantra.

Red Carpet- Green, black, and white seem to be her go-to colors don't they? Seriously, I think she would look great in any color. She keeps her hair relatively simple with great curls or and easy up do. Could anyone make a ponytail look any better? Also, her dresses, although always gorgeous, are pretty effortless. Rarely do you see her in tons of fabric or intricate detailing, but instead great draping and flattering to her silhouette. Kate also keeps her accessories pretty minimal with some dangling earrings and a statement cuff.

Coley had suggested Kate on my last Celeb Inspiration: Lea Michele, and I couldn't have agreed more! Who else do you think should be featured? Are there any guys that fit the bill?
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