Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Fave New Fall Color

I know I just posted about the new Fall nail collections here, but my personal go-to color this season is going to Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Ruby Rush. It's a beautiful deep raspberry with shimmer. I just love it. I first saw it in People StyleWatch and headed out to 3 stores before spotting it.

In real life, it's much more deep than in the pictures (below first w/o flash and then with), and more purple, almost plum. You can see the shade better here at Never Enough Nails. It's a very dark wine color and I just love it. I'm obsessed. I usually wait until it's colder before busting out dark nails, but I couldn't wait any longer to wear this shade.

Sally Hansen, as always, really delivers. They are my favorite polish brand, colors are always opaque (the pics show two coats, but one would have been enough), and dries so quickly. This color is very similar to Essie's Carry On, but contains shimmer. Very close though in color.

What shades will you be wearing this fall?
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