Thursday, September 15, 2011

Work Fashion Inspiration

So ladies, I'm starting a new career this month and I want to take my Business Casual up a few levels from what it is now. My previous office was also Business Casual, but was very relaxed and we got away with murder. From everyone's posts, twitters, and personal emails, I understand that many of you are also starting new jobs and I thought this post would be perfect.

Before I start training, I gathered some photos from Pinterest and re-evaluated my closet and made a list of what I needed to buy. I wanted to share the pictures from my Fashion Inspiration board with you ladies and see what thoughts you have and what you like to wear to work. I found photos based around the dress code and included some pictures that could be updated to fit, i.e. switching out the denim, covering with a cardi or blazer, etc.

First, who said Business Casual is all about neutrals? I love these color combos:

Great ways to incorporate a scarf, which most know I own a billion of...

Great use of the basics:

Again, I'm not going to copy these looks piece by piece (although I would love to), but they were great in shaping my wardrobe and shopping my closet and the stores.

Where do you shop for your work clothes? Any great style advice?

What do you like to wear to work? What's your dress code? Which of these looks were your faves?
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