Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Celeb Inspiration: Clemence Poesy

A new crush has been brewing in the LLP world on Clemence Poesy. You may know her from Gossip Girl, Harry Potter, or 127 Hours. I must say that I didn't think much of her at first sight, but the more I see her the more I just love her look. She's so chic and wears bed head locks with perfection. I've been in love with her for a few months now and just had to feature her.

Fabulous Frocks: Clemence choose young, flirty dresses that show off her svelte figure and lean legs.

Jazzy Jackets: With the cold weather just around the corner, Miss Poesy shows us the perfect way to keep warm and stylish.

Sexy Skirts: Skirts are pretty big right now and Clemence wears one perfectly.

Although she does have a little bit of a "deer in headlights" look, I still love her carefree style and easy feminine appeal.

Do you like her style? Are you a Clemence Poesy fan?
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