Monday, September 12, 2011

Sissy's 25th Birthday!

My little sister turned 25 this weekend and had an all out bash to celebrate! We went on the Sips and Sights tour in San Diego and then partied at her amazingly cute home down in SD. The skyline was beautiful, but it was freezing outside so I of course didn't take any pics. Plus my weave was getting out of control!

It was so much fun and such a great way to spend the weekend. I can't believe how big my little sister is getting. She's truly becoming such a beautiful and intelligent woman and I couldn't be any prouder. I love you sister!

I wish I had more pictures, but the fun never ended!

Oh, and this is on her fridge and I couldn't help but laugh every time I passed it. It reminds me of freshman year all over again!

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