Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Jewelry Staples

I buy a lot of accessories, but I really just stick to the basics. Every now and then I'll bust out something exciting, but in real life I wear very minimal jewelry day to day. Every chica is different so I thought I'd share with you what my everyday pieces.

Michael Kors Resin Bracelet Watch
1. A watch
I've worn a watch every single day since the fourth grade. Don't beleve me? Ask around. It killed me not to wear one to formals and to my wedding. I instead, tucked it into my handbag. My favorites are men inspired bracelet watches with a somewhat large face. I wear the one above, but it's no longer available. Michael Kors is probably one of my favorite watch brands and they make other similar ones (so does Fossil which is the same company).

2. Stud Earrings
When in doubt, a stud usually works best. My go-to earrings are either simple diamond or pearl studs. I have a couple that are a bit dressier that I switch it up with, but you rarely see me with dangly earrings, they just hurt my ears.

3. Rings
I've worn one ring on each hand all of my life. It varied between a total of 2-4, but they were always there. For whatever unknown reason, I can't stand wearing a ring on my index finger even though I love the look. Right now I wear my engagement ring and wedding band on my left hand and Tiffany & Co Paloma's Tenderness Heart ring on my right.

4. Pearls
Either a long chain or a simple shorter pearl. I love pearl necklaces because they're classics, but I always feel costume-y when I wear one. A single pearl necklace is one of my favorites that I wear most often, it was also the Pearl Award I was given by my Chi Omega sorority my last year of college (the one above isn't the one I have, but is similar). The H gave me Return to Tiffany pearl bracelet as a wedding gift which I always wear. 

5. Necklaces
Along with the above similar pearl necklace, I also wear Jungwha's Tiny Gold Puffy Heart (see my review here) and Jane Seymour's Open Heart Necklace that the Mr gave me a few years ago as a birthday present. I love simple necklaces that can be worn daily and match nearly everything. I also apparently really love heart stuff. I get it from my Mom.

Accessorizing is the best way to mix up your look and add a pop of color or a statement piece to your look, but in all honesty, the only two items I wear every single day regardless of what I'm doing is my wedding ring and watch.

What do you wear most often? What are your jewelry staples?
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