Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Product Review: Lash Cards

I first heard about this product through Megan from A Suitcase and Stilettos in her review here (you can also see her guest post she did while I was on my honeymoon here). Please check out her review, she had a different experience than I did and has some great pictures of her using the product as well.

The Lash Card is a beauty product to help prevent smudging and clumping of your mascara. Each pack contains ten cards, individually wrapped and has two different sized curves to better fit your eye shape.

To use the card, you find the curve that best fits your eye, gently place it behind your lashes and go to town applying your mascara. You will want to have your shadow, liner and lashes curled before using the Lash Card.

The Lash Card is really easy to use, but I don't think it's a must-have for me. I think this would be best for people with really thick lashes for an everyday use. I know some women have difficulty with mascara smudging and this card is for you. The card makes it really easy to apply to top or bottom lashes without leaving any residue behind.

This card definitely keeps the clumps and smudging away which is so nice. I know when I'm not wearing eye shadow, I tend to get mascara all over my lid and then have to clean it up all which annoys me to no end. Then, when you are wearing shadow, you have to try and remove/blend the smudges into your shadow which can ruin your look.

There is a beauty trick I've heard over and over again about using Post-It notes, business cards, or spoons behind your lashes to better apply mascara, if you are using this trick buy these cards! They are perfect for that!
Have you heard of or tried The Lash Card? What's your experience, do you think they're a must-have? Do you use one of the tricks mentioned above?

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