Tuesday, June 14, 2011


F21 Top
Target Merona Pants

I just got these pants over the weekend from Target, I can't find the link online though :(  On our honeymoon, these pants were all over the resort. They are so cute and easy to dress up or down. Plus, they're really comfortable. I wanted something to wear to work that's really easy to wear and extra comfortable (besides leggings). Our office attire is business casual, but it's pretty relaxed and I don't really meet with clients, so these pants are perfect. They also look great with both wedges and flats. This isn't the greatest pic of the pants, they look much better in real life- not as sloppy in person, especially in wedges.

I'm dying to get off work tonight because our photographer sent over our pictures yesterday and I should have the disc either today or tomorrow. I'm so excited to see the pictures! Trust me ladies, once I get them, they'll be all over the blog next week! Be prepared!
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