Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Celeb Inspiration: Hailee Steinfeld

Ok, so I've talked about this before on LLP, but I believe that dressing for your age can be very difficult. Especially in HWood. Extra especially when you're 14 AND in HWood. Whew. I could only imagine your options, what people are telling you, and how you could feel when trying to choose a dress for an event. Little miss Hailee Steinfeld does it well though. So well, that Miu Miu has chosen her as their new face. Incredible isn't? Let's take a look at her best.

Young and Fun: These dresses are so pretty (well, except maybe the swan lake one) and totally appropriate for both the even and her age. They'e not too tight or revealing, accessorized well, and great cuts.

Chic in White: I love me some winter white. I love white all year round in fact. This girl's frocks, hair, and shoes are pure perfection in my eyes.

Sassy in Black: Also another great color that looks good all year round?? Black. Hailee keeps it interesting with beading, lace, and super cute hair. I love the middle look.

So are you on her bandwagon? Do you think she could be the next "It" girl?
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