Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Do or Don't: Woven Bags

Remember in junior high and some high school when woven bags were the hot item to have? Well I've been seeing them all over the stores! Target, Kohl's, the mall, everywhere. At first I loved them, but didn't know if they were really in style or just some passing summer trend. Then I saw them featured as a trend on People's site and it got me thinking. When I talked to my sister she said the bags were only for "old ladies" and I kind of agree with her, but they're so perfect for summer and especially the beach!

Here's some I've found online:
Michael Kors Santorini

bamboula ltd. market tote from Madewell

Club Monaco Tall Straw Tote

The display at Target

What do you girls think- yay or nay?
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