Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hair 911...

Ok, so maybe not 911, but I've been dying to switch up my hair for months, but couldn't because of the wedding. I mean, I didn't want to try a new cut or color on a day I'm taking 1000s of pictures, what if it turned out fugly?? (my hair stylist is so I'm sure it wouldn't, but it's still risky to try something new before the big day).

So again, I'm dying for a change. A new cut? A new color? I love my hair and color now, but I need something different. I've been rocking this look for a while and need to switch it up. Years ago in my man-eating party college days I had a different cut or color every appointment. Purple streaks? Yep. Mohawk short on top of long hair? Yep. No I didn't style it like that, it was just crazy layers. I would seriously go to my stylist with some punk rock look and tell her, "can you do this in a sorority girl way? ok, thanks". No joke.

Here's some looks that have caught my eye, mind you I may just go into my appointment and say "do whatever you want N, I trust you!", I might say "the usual please" or go in with some awesome photos and tips from my blog friends.

Here's my ideas:

For a cut: I'm thinking of taking just a few inches off. I love the "lob" (long bob) and have rocked it several times over the years, even before it was hip. Here's where it gets tricky though. I LOVE short hair, but then I LOVE really long mermaid hair too. I always cut my hair with the thought of "why not? that's what extensions are for". Which would be my theory now, but my hair is almost to the length I want. Only 3 more inches to go- I even busted out a ruler to double check. So cutting it now would kind of feel like giving up. After that argument with myself I think, "well K, what are you going to when it gets that length? Cut it then?". See? It's a constant inner battle. So check these cuts, but think my current blonde color.

Here's a pic of me when I had a "lob", sorry it's such a small pic

For the color: I am in love with the ombre look (wasn't feeling it at first, but it's really grown on me). I'm scared sick to try it though because there's so many bad dyes out there trying to get this color right. If I went ombre, I would want a more natural color change, and not a horizontal line where the magic happens. Maybe just bleaching out my tips? Here's the colors I like, let me know your thoughts. Cameron and Spencer's colors are my most fave, a really nice blending of shades.

Then, here's short crops I would love to rock if I had the guts to go this short again. The hubster may have a heart attack if I came home with these cuts, he's a die hard fan of ultra long locks.

So far, the Hub and my Mom want me to do nothing, just keep it as is.
My gf's want me to cut it.

So ladies, please dish. All comments and opinions are welcome!
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