Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Playing Now

In the past I've posted some playlists (check them all out here), and I've been downloading some summer jams I wanted to share with everyone and hopefully hear what your favorite songs are right now to add to my list! My list is always growing, but this is what's on there today:

Justin Bieber- Boyfriend
Pitbull- Back in Time
Gotye- Somebody That I Used to Know
Usher- Scream
Rihanna- Where Have You Been
Flo Rida- Wild Ones
The Wanted- Glad You Came
Phil Phillips- Home (my AI favorite from day one!)
Katy Perry- Part of Me
Jennifer Lopez- Dance Again
Florence + The Machine- Shake it Out

I know some of these songs have been around for a bit and are on the radio a lot, but they're on my playlist now.What's on your i-pod, what is my list missing?
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