Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Product Review: Olay Profession Pro-X

Since the Clarisonic became such a huge hit, I've had my eye on getting one. The price tag is kind of hefty, so I never bit the bullet. Then walked in my fave brand Olay with their version. Awesome. Still never bought it though, I just had other things to buy that were bigger priorities like lipsticks, mascaras, and new sandals. My amazing Mother-in-Law remembered how I wanted one and picked me up on for my birthday. Isn't she the sweetest? I'm so lucky to have my in-laws, they're all so fab!

Here's the products details (included in the box):
- 2-speed facial cleansing brush
- Soft bristle replaceable brush head
- Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser (I've been using my regular cleanser)

I've been using this beauty for over a month now, about 2-3 times a week. I love it! It's really made a difference in the length a blemish lasts and has helped to diminish any marks they have left behind. I'm blessed with pretty good skin, but I've still felt an improvement in the overall look and feel of my skin. When I use it, I was my makeup off first, then use my regular cleanser all over my face and use this brush all over my face and neck in a circular motion. I also find it better/easier to use in the shower.

Please note, that this product does not have the same technology as a Clarisonic and I have never used a Clarisonic so I can't compare the two products. This is a great product for it's price and works great as a super exfoliater. Given the condition of my skin, this gives me the boost I need, but if you have more serious skin issues, you may want to look into other products.

Have you used a face brush like this? What was your experience?
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