Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Funfetti Dip

So I'm sure just about all of you have seen Funfetti Dip on Pinterest and if than for sure on Katie's blog Keep Calm & Carry On (click the link now, she's the cutest!). My girlfriends and I have had a girls night in planned for a while and I've had this recipe pinned for-evah and when Katie posted about it, I was sold. The recipe is from the gorgeous Kelly of Eat Yourself Skinny.

Best part about it? It only takes 3 ingredients to make it, plus whatever cookies/crackers of your choice. Super easy!

1 box Funfetti cake mix
2 cups plain non-fat yogurt
1 cup Cool Whip

Mix together and let sit for 4 hours and then serve with animal cookies, graham crackers, or Teddy Grahams. Eat Yourself Skinny's recipe is here along with a the serving size and nutrition facts.

When I first mixed it all together, I had debated using vamilla yogurt instead since plain is so sour, but I'm so happy I didn't and just followed the directions. This dip is very sweet, a few dips and you're set. It also made a TON. I have over half of it left from the party and the family has been snacking on it.This would be perfect for a dessert bar or a children's party too!
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