Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Faves

Happy freaking Friday everyone!! I felt like it couldn't come fast enough. I don't have any crazy plans this weekend, I have to work a few hours tomorrow and then we're heading to a family birthday party for my niece. Then Sunday is NOTHING. Nothing. I can't wait! We're just going to head to church and do stuff around the house. Most importantly will be napping. Lots of napping... Who am I kidding? The only one in this house that naps is Emma, and if Ellie even thinks that I'm napping she likes to come over and pat my face, shower me with kisses, and sing me songs. All of which is very, very sweet, but does nothing to help or keep me asleep.

For today's post, I wanted to share with you guys some of my recent faves. There's some amazing shops, lipsticks, and beauty finds I've found and need to share. I've been posting about this stuff on my Instagram, but haven't had a chance yet to share it here. So this will be kind of a round up of some super awesome stuff that you should check out. Just some items I want to shout from the rooftops to anyone who will listen.

 photo 8030BA65-1E4F-4E38-A36E-EB48C7A3B4F0_zpsnmmewul4.jpg

First up is this beautiful jewelry and if you follow me on Instagram, you'll already know that I've been living in this Mia and Mac necklace and earrings. This year will be our fifth wedding anniversary, and I wanted something special with our wedding date and this vertical bar and circle charm is perfection! It's so simple, chic, and feminine, I have literally worn them every single day for weeks now. The gold bar earrings are also on repeat. Enjoy 20% off your order with "Kristen20" at check out too! I also love these infinity earrings and necklace and these heart earrings are adorbs!

 photo 5af93849-0c48-4f84-9559-7a08a792f96c_zpsdbsavz1i.png photo D41C0B7B-D89D-462A-9614-4349B2CBFDF8_zpslhdxxt9p.jpg

Ever since Emma started teething, she has started drooling non-stop. It’s crazy! She has 0 teeth, but I feel like she’s been teething for months! Ollie and Olina sent me these gorgeous bibs and I absolutely love them! My first thought when they were delivered was how well made they were, they’re great quality! They’re nice and thick, really soft, with a terry cloth backing, and I just love the sweet designs and prints. The bibs also have two snaps to grow with your child so you can use them for longer. She also makes matching quilts and burp cloths that are to die for! They would make the sweetest gift for any expectant mommy, just beautiful and special pieces that would last a lifetime.

 photo 6711BECE-0EF0-483D-8B87-5FE50585CEB1_zpsg6swn8sc.jpg

Now that spring is here, I’m all about the pink lipsticks. Ha ha ha I’m joking, I always love pink lips! Thanks to late night feedings and Target, I’m now the proud owner of four new lipsticks. You know, because you can never have enough. Silly and Long Legged & Fabulous are both from the MAC Flamingo collection, Silly is a fabulous matte shade while Long Legged and Fabulous is the perfect pale Barbie pink. Revlon’s Balm sticks are seriously the best! They are super creamy and smell amazing! They’re really moisturizing and this color in Showy is so fun. Then, as if I needed another pink, I also went and bought NYX Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo. I love NYX makeup, it is really a great quality and Target just expanded the line at their stores which makes is much easier to shop!

 photo E669C520-B0F1-477C-AF16-D350F3E903BB_zpsmjedlnsi.jpg

You guys, you need to RUN and buy yourself this Real Techniques Blending Sponge! Run! It is so amazing and I swear my makeup looks flawless now. It’s so soft and squishy and blends your foundation and concealer beautifully. I run it under water and give it a good squeeze 2-3 times and then use it to blend my makeup in and I seriously love it. I don't think there's another sponge that could possibly be better. The shape offers different sides and shapes that really help to blend perfectly in tough spots.

Those are my gems guys! These four things have been used and worn daily in the Lawler household and because I'm a loud mouth, I just couldn't help but share them with you guys. Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a wonderful weekend!! What are some of your recent faves? Have you found anything that you just couldn't live without?
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