Monday, April 18, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

This past weekend was so much fun! We were on the go, go, go and it was one thing after another, but such a great time. I really relish in the weekends where we don't have any plans (like this one coming up, unless I'm forgetting something) because they're so few and far between, but this past weekend was awesome.

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FINALLY, after months of teething, Emma's first tooth has broken skin! It's the teeniest, tiniest thing and you have to really look to see it, but it's there! Poor thing woke up several times during the night and had a runny nose all weekend. I've been waiting for a tooth to show since she's been teething for so long, but I'm so sad that it's here now. I'm going to miss that gummy, toothless smile. It's so cute!

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It started out with me taking Friday off to meet my sorority big sis and grand big sis at Disneyland to celebrate our little ones' third birthdays. We've been talking about doing this forever and have been planning it for months! My big sis lives up north so it was wonderful seeing her and meeting her little girl! Going to Disneyland with kids is the best! They're so excited and love seeing all the characters. Ellie's favorite ride was the train Casey Jr. and It's a Small World. She even liked Pirates of the Caribbean, but only once the singing started. Before that she had me cover her eyes! It was so cute!

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Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and made ourselves some blueberry pancakes (which Emma also loved!) and then headed to swim lessons. Ellie is doing so well and loves being in the water. We still use a puddle jumper for her in the pool, but I'm hoping she'll be done with it completely this summer. I love this bright swimsuit we got her for this year, the colors are adorable on her and the cross back is super cute.

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After class, we did some shopping and picked up these Nikes for Ellie. Nordstrom Rack had so many cute color combos, and these are the ones she picked. She's shoe obsessed and wanted to try on all the sandals or anything sparkly. Her favorite color lately is pink so she was excited to get these and wanted to wear them as soon as we got home.

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I tried on a few tops while shopping, but nothing was a keeper. The shirts were either too short, too low, or too sheer, Matt and I are going on a little getaway for our anniversary and I was hoping to find something to take with me to wear, but it was a crapshoot. I hate when you're looking for something, there's nothing! I did find my favorite shadow primer (for $10!) so that's a win!

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After shopping, lunch, and a nap, we headed out for a baby shower and then back home for dinner with Daddy. Sunday morning, I met up with some of my sorority sisters for brunch. I love getting together with everyone and at every event there's always a recipe to be shared. This time, it was a tater tot casserole that was so good! I even brought some home for Matt to try. Joining a sorority was one of the best decisions I ever made, I'm so thankful for the friendships I've made.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great weekend!!
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