Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baby 2 Bumpdate: Week 25

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 24 Weeks 6 Days

- Guess what was found out at my last appointment….Little Baby 2 is Frank Breech just like our Elle Bell!! The doctor and I couldn’t believe it! We found out Ellie was Frank Breech at Week 33 and now I’m 24 weeks with #2 so I doubt she is going to flip head down at this point. When our doctor delivered Eleanor, he checked the shape of my uterus to see if that was the cause of her position, and he said it was perfectly symmetrical and that she must have just preferred that position and then was too big to flip later on. Now that this baby is Frank Breech, he said that this position must give the baby the most room to grow and move, based on the shape of my uterus (even though it is symmetrical). As long as she stays in this position, having a VBAC is no longer an option and I’ll have to have another C-section, which is what I had planned on doing anyways (unless my feelings changed later on or if I went into labor before the scheduled date). So, we will see if Baby 2 is going to flip or follow in her big sister’s footsteps and stay right where she is.

-Weight gain: So far I’ve gained 7 lbs, which is about where I was with Eleanor. My doctor appointments have been made at different weeks than before, at week 22 I had gained 4.5lbs with Ellie and by week 27 I was at 10.5lbs. I've been doing the same as before in terms of my diet, I just eat what I want and until I’m full. Mind blowing, right?

-Little baby girl has been moving so much, I was almost worried that she was moving less than with Ellie, but she's a little wiggle worm now. Everyone has been able to feel her kicks, even Ellie, which I don't know if she understands what she's feeling or not yet. 

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Shirt: Lauren Conrad for Kohls (last year) // Shorts

-Leg cramps are the devil! I woke up several times this past weekend in agonizing pain. One of them was so bad down my shin and I couldn’t get it to go away. I thought I was going to cry! My husband woke up wondering what all the fuss was about and why I was breathing so hard, I guess I frightened him with all of my crazy moves in my attempt to get rid of it. I eat so many pickles (and drink the juice!) and have been eating more potassium, but they're still there. Hopefully, they go and stay away. If you have any tips, help a sister out!

-Cravings: This week it’s still been my fave homemade tart lemonade, but I’ve started adding strawberries to it now. It is so good, I down it in seconds. Matt and I have been making fresh squeezed OJ on the weekends, at my dr appointment they had a farmers market going on in the front and I bought the most delicious oranges. They were so good, super sweet and juicy. We also bought OJ from Costco (never as good as fresh squeezed) and I have some every night before bed (with a couple of Tums) for a night cap.

-My sciatic nerve has been a royal pain in my rear end. It's bothered me the majority of my pregnancy, but this past weekend was terrible. My sweet mother-in-law gave me the best massage that helped tremendously. I am so thankful for her! It made a huge difference and it felt 99% better afterwards.

-We also bought a few frames, the dresser, and some wall decor for little girl. We're going to get some paint samples this week and will paint the room once it's decided what we like. I'm excited to put the room together, but I don't feel any pressure to get it done right away yet.

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Have a great week!

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