Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pic Dump

Here's another post from pics that never made it to the internets, I take them to share with friends and family and some are taken totally for IG purposes, but they were never posted. So today is their day! I'm sure they're all so excited to see the light.

 photo A0E70C27-F746-4866-896D-A6D7D8128852_zpsfbezohby.jpg
The view from above the bump
Shorts // Sandals // Sunglasses // Polish

 photo F7AF107D-A859-41C9-B6D0-C2C0FA61596C_zpsuyehhfyn.jpg
I know that children and babies grow every minute, but some days and moments Ellie looks so big to me. When she curls up on the couch with her dolls, when she's telling me about her day, or when she hugs me and gives me pats on the back like I do to her. This moment of her on her belly coloring with her legs crossed just killed me. Why does time go by so quickly?

 photo 55F4B017-FD35-433C-9BB2-F139F66E62D2_zpsx2cvus5x.jpg
Shirt // Shorts
Eleanor is so girly and I absolutely love it. I don't know if she'll always be so girly, but I'm reveling in it now. She's obsessed with my makeup and loves to put some on when I'm getting ready.

 photo ca77db3c-e803-43ec-ad7c-d026c7f573dd_zpszdhn0dtf.jpg
This kimono is everything. So easy to wear and super comfortable.

 photo 93D1F376-37E0-4AB0-9617-277B9051B8F1_zpsimuqvmmy.jpg
Ellie got a little update to her room, the LOVE and bun frames are from Hobby Lobby, the E is from Home Goods, and the mirror is from Kirklands (same one here). We just added the two prints to the wall and the rest we already had in her room. Next up for her is a big girl bed. I'm glad that her nursery wasn't too baby and that it will be an easy to transition as she gets older and her tastes and needs change.

 photo EFBD0440-FA78-4A46-9F88-07DBEF249D17_zpsndfxna5k.jpg
We went on a date with my girlfriend and her son to Chick-Fil-A for the first time and we really enjoyed it! I don't know why we haven't eaten there sooner! The ice cream was a big hit and I'm lucky she wanted to share it with me.

 photo 028DF3B0-1209-4362-A191-15D782913568_zps95qam594.jpg
I love this polish shade! It's Sinful Colors Tempest.

The weekend is almost here! I hope the rest of the week goes quickly!
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